Snuggling up to Change

It’s a beautiful day outside as the storm clouds that have hovered over us these past few days finally break and let the sun shine through. I’m tired and feeling a bit of overwhelm and sadness as we get closer to our goal. 

Our adventure continues and while we have our eyes and hearts focused on our goal, the weariness is already setting in. We succeeded in the purchase of the land we were hoping for and our next step is to list our house. In the process of preparing for listing, we are finishing many projects that we started when we moved in and decluttering mass amounts of stuff that we didn’t have time to manage on our last move. I’ve made my way through boxes and boxes of books, memorabilia, and packed up all of my art supplies. I’ve begun to donate mass amounts of clothes that I’ve had since I worked in corporate that I really haven’t a single intention of ever wearing again. I’ve started to identify the differences between “want to keep in storage for two years” and “time to toss” items. Some of this process feels good while some of it brings up a lot of memories and it’s difficult. I do realize that this is okay, that it’s somehow healing and freeing to get rid of things I no longer need or use. 

While I make my way through these activities, I am dwelling. I’m thinking about our intentions, our hopes, our fears, our plans, and our often jumbled ways of taking action. I am thinking about how we deal with change as a family and as individuals. I’m watching as we walk through this, one step at a time. Up to this point, I’ve been incredibly mindful of the energy I am giving this. I am focusing on our vision, smiling and laughing as we walk through all that needs to be done. I’m greeting my family with love and being intentional about setting aside time to live. It’s still not perfect and today, for some reason, it feels heavy. 

It’s difficult to juggle the additional duties, and even more difficult to stay on top of those I do every day. 

Today, I decided I need to reign it in and managed to catch up on some of the house chores, which makes it feel better in here. I’ve opened the blinds, opened to doors and windows, and I might even burn some sage. 

We are snuggling up to our choice for change. Getting comfortable with all of this that is so uncomfortable. We all know it will be difficult, as we’ve done this many times before.

We also know that we’ll be okay. 




Oola for Women, Find Balance in an Unbalanced World Book Review

Find Balance in an Unbalanced World

Life change can be difficult, which, if you’ve ever tried to lose weight, increase movement, quit smoking, or alter your everyday life in any way, you have already experienced. 

The truth is that changing anything can often involve a focused re-evaluation of many areas of your life, including but certainly not limited to food, exercise, fresh air, fun, and friends. Oola for Women, Find Balance in an Unbalanced World takes you on this journey. One step at a time, you are led to consider the 7 key areas of your life that impact your health and happiness. According to Oola for Women, these are fitness, finance, family, field, faith, friends, and fun.

I found this book to be insightful and spent much time reflecting on my own choices, especially those around fitness, friends, family, and fun. For me, these are all areas I’m working on. I was a little worried I’d be in for another long dull reference-book-like read, as I’ve read so many personal development books over the years, but I was sweetly surprised and found myself caught up in the emotion of the transformational personal stories that the 42 women featured in this book have shared. 

The authors, Dave Braun and Troy Amdahl, make taking on life changes exciting and achievable. I am blessed that I get to celebrate balance in many of the 7 key areas and look forward to continuing my own personal journey toward greater alignment using the principles covered in this great read! 

If you are seeking a read that is going to inspire you to take action, this is the book for you! 



A great read to inspire action!

  **I did not receive monetary compensation for this review and I am not affiliated with Oola in any way. This review is my authentic opinion. You may or may not feel the same. 

Product Review: gomacro Macrobar

Are you on the search for a great pre-workout snack that offers a quick load of energy that doesn’t completely derail your clean eating plan?

Are you a vegan seeking a solid plant-based protein bar to support your energy and muscle building needs?

Perhaps you are, like me, just trying to figure out how to manage healthy snacking when you are squeezing in a workout between hauling your kids from one end of town to the other right at dinner time!

There are so many options for energy bars on the store shelves but a good one has been truly hard to find. 

Most bars are loaded with added preservatives, artificial flavors, and way too much sugar. The bars made from the best ingredients are often mushy and the flavors are not distinct. After many tries and much disappointment, I let go of the idea of a “good” energy bar. Until NOW. I have found one that will have a regular place in my pantry, as this amazing bar company does not disappoint. 


It’s important to realize when opting for an energy bar, no matter what it’s made from, what you are opting to do is to eat carbohydrates for your body to use as energy during an increase in physical activity. If you aren’t using the calories consumed, you’ll store it as fat just like any other food. This is one weight loss mistake I often see my clients make is that instead of a piece of fruit or a few nuts, they opt for a high-calorie energy or protein bar assuming it will satisfy their cravings without sabotaging their weight loss. If you are working hard at losing weight through diet changes, pay close attention to the calorie and sugar content of any bar you choose. 

Energy bars are perfect to use as a pre-workout snack about 1 hour to 30 minutes before working out or as a post workout snack immediately after your workout. They are typically reasonably nutrient dense and loaded with calories. Calories, in and of themselves, are not evil as we are led to believe. Calories are simply the way to measure the available energy in a food for the body. The body prefers to use carbohydrates for energy, thus most bars will have a moderately high carbohydrate content. 

Some details about gomacro Macrobars:

Gomacro is a family owned company. The macrobars are cold pressed, clean, and certified gluten-free, organic, and raw. 

The macrobars are cold pressed, clean, and certified gluten-free, organic, and raw.  

The company focuses on five core principles that they share on the website. 

I was given a shelf unit that included quite a few bars that included various flavors.

Average Calories: 250
Average Grams of Sugar: 10
Average Carbohydrates:34
Protein ranges from 4 grams to 14 grams

What I love about it:

  • Flavor of each bar was amazing. Some were fruit and nut, some were grain, some nut butter. You could taste the berries in the berry bar and the nuts in the nut based bars. They also were well enjoyed by my husband and athlete son! 
  • A variety of options, fruit including apples and berries, nuts and nut butter, chocolate, bananas, granola, and coconut are featured in these bars. You can opt for high protein. 
  • Vegan, using protein options such as nuts and peas.
  • Soy-free, soy is a common additive and go to source for food companies, but some studies show that the soy is often processed in such a way that it may cause more harm than good. 
  • Macrobiotic, meaning that it’s balanced in flavor and ingredients. To learn more about this, you can click on their Five Principles tab. 
  • Sustainably sourced, taking care of the little guys and the planet!
  • Long lasting energy. I tried these twice before my workout last week. Usually, after my work out, I’m starving, but the days I opted for a gomacro bar, not only did I have enough steady energy to sustain during my 45 minutes of working out, but I didn’t even think about food until I got home to cook dinner. That was an awesome effect!

What I dislike about it:

  • Some of them are very soft and feel like they might melt on a warm day. I chose to pop mine in the fridge to fix this and it worked!
  • The first ingredient is brown rice syrup, a natural sweetener. Don’t get me wrong, this is definitely a better option than processed white refined sugar, but it’s still sugar. Count your sugar grams, if they are over 24 Grams in the day, this may be added sugars that you don’t need. 

I give these a full MomPositive HooRAH as my all around favorite energy bar! 

If you would like to try them for yourself, you can visit their website at:

Spiced Honey Facial Mask


Stop hiding behind toxic skincare and makeup and let your beautiful soul shine through! 

I love making my own natural skin care and am cautious about using natural makeup when I wear it, which is really not that often. 

My Spiced Honey Facial Mask recipe is super easy to whip together, easy to apply, and if used regularly, you’ll love the results. Cinnamon and nutmeg are potent antimicrobial herbs and should be used with caution. If you experience any discomfort, remove the mask with warm water and follow with coconut oil or a natural moisturizer. 

You can use raw honey by itself or add just one or the other spices to it. It’s free for experimentation! 

Let me know your results!


My Sugar Blues Workshop

My journey with sugar isn’t short, and I’m sure yours isn’t either. It seems no-one is exempt from this overly available highly addictive legal drug! It’s found it’s way back into my diet – causing weight gain, inflammation, fatigue, and a feeling of foggy mind. I hate feeling this way, and so it’s high time I kick it back out! 

Tomorrow I am guiding a group of amazing and courageous women through a 15 day sugar detox, and I’m joining them! I’m really looking forward to it because I know that this is the best way to feel like my greatest version of me again. 

When I feel great I know I am a better mentor, a better lover, a better mother, a better friend but I am also better at getting all I want to done and my immune system rocks! 

I’m counting down to beginning in the morning, preparing by being very mindful of where my sugars are sneaking in and cutting down where I feel the biggest sources are. I’m drinking more water, moving more, getting outside more, and making time for a little play. 

While putting together my resources for my group, I found an old workshop recording (all the way back in 2010!) and I thought I’d share it with you! You can find it HERE.

If you listen and want to make shifts but you’ve missed the spring detox – DON’T WORRY. I run these every spring and every fall. If you want to start now, I’d love to discuss with you how I might be able to support you in doing so! Simply contact me at 

I’m totally ready, are you? 


Could a Sugar Detox Help You?

The winds of change are blowing, bringing longer warmer days to Colorado. I am excited that spring is so close and am anxious for long summer walks and time at the park tossing a ball with my son. These are the days I know I’ll remember and cherish. I’m also looking forward to our personal changes this season which are well underway already. We’ve come to an agreement on a five-acre parcel which will work well for our intentions. It’s not far from our current residence and is in an area where we can see a great demand for homes right now. I promise photos once everything feels really solid. (UPDATE: POSTED BELOW!) Probably when we reach closing and own the land.

There are a lot of unknowns yet, a bit of scrambling to find all we need for the loan approval and a lot of brainstorming sessions to identify how best to use the land we’ve chosen. We have our eyes on a camper or two for our tiny house intention and hope to go peek at them this Friday. In the few days its been since we said “yes”, I am already needing a lot of deep breaths, having sleepless nights, and keep asking my angels to help me be patient with this process. There is much to be done, and I need to remember it’s just one step at a time! 

Also happening right now – I’m gearing up for my final 15 Day Sugar Detox this spring which begins on March 15th and I’m so excited for it! Every spring and fall I lead a sugar detox with a small group. This year, I get to offer FB live chats as well as more in-depth information as each year, I add another layer from what I learn from the industry and my clients. Every year the results are more profound and lasting. It’s really inspiring!

You see, sugar wreaks havoc on our body, is highly addictive, and is in almost everything that comes in a package. This makes taking on any sort of healing dietary change very challenging to sustain, leaving many people feeling like massive failures when it comes to diet and weight loss. 

Here are some scary tidbits on sugar that might make you think twice before you take a bite!

  • The newest suggested intake of total sugar (all sugars, both natural sweeteners and processed sweeteners) is – for normal weight men up to 24 grams (6 teaspoons) , for normal weight women up to 20 grams (5 teaspoons), and for kids 12 grams which is only 3 teaspoons. When was the last time you noted how many grams of sugar you were eating in a day? 
  • Anything above the suggested intake will certainly land itself around your belly unless you are burning it in exercise. 
  • Feeling thin and fit but still eating sugar? You are not exempt from the danger! While sugar may not show up in a ring around your gut, it is certainly causing a lot of other challenges in your body! Consumption of sugar is linked to: 
    • Chronic Inflammation
    • Obesity
    • Diabetes
    • Cancer
    • Fatty Liver
    • Acne
    • Migraines
    • Brain Fog
    • High Blood Pressure
    • Tooth Decay
  • The food industry adds sugar in some form to nearly everything, so it can be very sneaky! Watch for it in juices, coffees, flavored waters, alcohol, bread, cereals, pasta, snack and health bars, the obvious sweets, sauces, and dressings, and it might even be injected into meats. It’s important to read your labels!

This is why I lead my sugar detoxes, as it always seems to find a way in!

For this final spring 15 Day Sugar Detox, I’ll be joining you so we can enjoy this journey together!

Registration for my final spring 15 Day Sugar Detox is open until March 15th at midnight. To learn more and to register, CLICK HERE. Please join us! 

Resources & Additional reading –

Natural Remedies – Cold and Flu

This has been one of the worst cold and flu seasons I’ve witnessed in my life. Most people I know, vaccinated or not, have felt the rage of the viruses and bacteria this year. This alone causes a whirlwind of questions in my mind…could it be that less people are vaccinated? Could the viruses be getting stronger? Are people not supporting their bodies well with healthy food? Are people eating too much sugar? Maybe it’s the stress of the election? General negativity? Ultimately, I don’t know why, chances are it’s some combination of all of the above. 

The lines at the clinics are long, and the posts on social media regarding emergency room visits are common. 

It’s inspired me to share my natural soothing arsenal of remedies with you. Often, when steps are taken immediately, you can avoid a heightened or more severe infection or sickness. The key is prevention. 

#1 – at the first sign of feeling low, tired, or depleted, cut the sugar completely. Sugar suppresses your immune system and gives the virus or bacteria a chance to get a stronghold on your system. Often people notice an unusual craving for sugar at the onset of sickness, this in itself might be your sign that it’s time to take action.

#2 – Boil water on the stove. Our body operates on moisture. You are, in fact, over 70% water. The wintery dry air often causes mucous membranes to dry out and crack, causing inflammation and discomfort as well as allowing bacteria and viruses in. The warm moisture soothes these uncomfortable passage ways, allows the sinuses to drain and relieve pressure. You can add herbs to this water such as peppermint, rosemary, and eucalyptus or seek out a respiratory steam blend over the counter such as Wish Garden’s Respiratory Steam

#3 – Eat garlic. From my daughter’s early years, my favorite go to is garlic. Garlic contains a powerful antibacterial and antiviral compound called allicin. The herb releases allicin when it’s chewed and is most available when it’s raw. 

#4 – If you have a sore throat, gargle with warm salt water – my mom used to have us do this when we were kids, and it works! My nature nut twist is to use Himalayan Sea Salt. Mix 1/4 teaspoon with 1 cup warm water. Gargle and spit until all water is used. 

#5 – Use essential oils on your feet and in your shower – my favorite soothing oils are eucalyptus, lavender, and rosemary – you can find a blend such as goDesana’s Cold and Flu Blend

#6 – Good old fashioned chicken soup or broth. This is one of the old time remedies that lives on for reason. This nourishing soup boosts the body with easy to absorb electrolytes and is great in health and sickness. I make this the easy way – bring home an organic free range chicken, roast it, take off most of the meat and pack it into a glass covered container to use later. I take the chicken carcass and put it in my large slow cooker and add 6 – 8 cups of filtered water. I cook this all day on the lowest setting. An hour or two before I serve it I’ll add dried herbs like sage, rosemary, and thyme. I will ladle out one cup per serving at a time keeping all parts in the broth and allowing it to continue to cook. After 12 – 14 hours, I filter out all bones and move to a covered container or large mason jar and refrigerate up to three days. 

Natural remedies can go a long way to soothe, comfort, and battle a virus, but there can be a time when you simply need to go to the doctor. It’s okay! It’s why we have them! Please go to the doctor if you experience fevers, persistent cough, sore throat, excessive pain, headaches, colored mucous, or your symptoms last longer than just a couple of days. Sometimes, even for those of us who choose a natural and holistic life approach, you simply need antibiotics. 


Tiny Houses, Home Building, and Balance

Following our hearts.

Two years ago this month, we left the home we spent 16 years building and settling. There, our house was literally built by my husband, myself, and my daughter. Almost every nail. When the house was finished, we put in a huge garden, a barn, a corral, a woodshop, and sheds for raising chicks. We planted trees, hundreds of them. We raised our oldest child. We raised and lost many fur babies. Our hearts were there, it was our home. 

I can already hear you! It sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? The problem? It was so far away that we were wasting hours of our lives every single day to commute. As my son has gotten older, his passion for taekwondo has grown, and this too added a new layer of driving. We decided we needed to better support him and move closer into his gym and my husbands work. So we did, and we spent the last two years regretting it. 

It’s been very hard to let go. 

But now, we have come full circle, our energy and inspiration has returned and we are ready to take on the next big adventure. It’s time for my husband to follow his passion of home building – doing so will require some sacrifice on our part as a family. We will sell our house and use our equity to build a home to sell, then do it again, and again. The goal is to have made enough on the home sales to build not only a home to sell, but a forever home too by the third time. In the meantime, we’ll be living in a camper. We are in the very beginning, so very little is perfectly clear – but we have a plan and our goal is clear. 

I promised you that I’d share this adventure with you. 

The foundations of this adventure are in the risk, trusting in ourselves, learning from past mistakes, and being courageous and patient. 

So this is where we are today. 

The housing market in Colorado is at an all time high. This means the cost of living and buying is just as high. It’s a great time to sell a house, but a difficult time to buy one. The lucky thing is that while homes follow this curve exactly, land doesn’t always follow suit in the same way. Though it is clear that the value of land is much higher than 20 years ago, we have found a few lots that we feel we can afford and get creative with. 

We’ve found a lot we are interested in. It’s about 15 minutes from our current residence, includes five acres, has a lovely view of a natural open space, is open space to the back and one side, and covenants aren’t terrible. The weird thing is that 80% of the property is natural open space and you cannot use it for anything. It cannot be fenced in, built on, rode on, grazed upon, or ANYTHING. Which is okay, when we come to think of it since it’s perfect for any sort of nature lover, or stressed out person ready to get out of town. There’s very little maintenance on a property like this but you still get a lovely view. Remember, this is not our forever home, but an investment.)

This lot has been on the market for a long time and has reduced price a few times. It’s listed price is higher than it’s usable and buildable worth so we are going to place what’s called a “low-ball” offer. We are conferring with our real estate agent on this for guidance and his experience with construction. 

These are the first steps. By the end of today, we will have a formal offer in place. If the owner of the land and we can come to terms, we’re on our way!

The best part about this is that it feels really good to be taking action, even with the fear that is tied into it. Just like anything we are both dealing with our inner critics and fear monger monsters. What if? Can we? Who are we? You know how it goes, right?

We learned a lot last time that we want to bring forward. 

#1 – it doesn’t always go the way you think it will.

#2 – don’t get attached, because until that contract closes, it’s not yours. 

#3 – even at the height, self-care will be necessary so that your body and mind can handle the transition. 

#4 – it takes time to build a house 

#5 – it’s okay to take your time

#6 – let go of expectation

#7 – put the difference in savings

#8 – be a minimalist

#9 – trust in ourselves and our relationship

We’ll be living in a camper, which will be bigger than a tiny house, so we are going to call it our castle camper. Taking this massive downsizing into mind, I’ll be getting rid of stuff between now and the end of this month. Anything we haven’t used in ages, have no need for, no longer find it appealing, doesn’t fit, or broke – I’ll never fix it will go away. 

This is going to be a grand adventure, we are all excited and a bit nervous, but we know we can do this. 

Here we go! I’ll follow with pictures soon!



Natural Weightloss, Opportunities, and Down Sizing

This month, I’m celebrating seven years as a successful Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

I can’t believe it’s been that long. I have enjoyed this career so incredibly much and all of the impact it’s had both on my professional and personal life. Life sure looks different from this angle. Entrepreneurship isn’t all warm fuzzies, but it’s worth every single challenge and discomfort. It’s not just entrepreneurship though either. Being a coach isn’t all warm fuzzies. It’s sticking to what you know is right, even when it’s really uncomfortable. It’s also working hard to maintaining the balance of your life while you support so many others. 

A couple of years ago, I lost my balance, while my family and I went through some large life changes. I began to make choices for ease and convenience rather than for sustainability or health. I paid for it. Dearly. I got sick again, feeling my stomach tie up in knots, needing to cancel appointments because of migraines at least once a week, feeling the deep ache in my joints that I felt in my mid 30’s, and, I gained a lot of weight. 

I was really, really struggling, both emotionally and physically to pull back the strings that I had let go of. Nine months ago, things began to come back together, but it took some time.

Natural healing takes time. Our body, mind, and spirit can heal by themselves if they are given the right tools. Whole foods, movement, trust in your body, stress reduction techniques, sunshine, loving relationships, hobbies, accountability, and a career I love are all a large part of my self-care plan. Leave one behind and it all begins to fall apart. 

I have all my pieces back in place, and slowly but sweetly, my body is healing again. The inches are falling off, my energy is skyrocketing, my mind is clear, I’m creating, teaching, reaching out, and I feel sweetly fulfilled in most areas of my life. 

As I am always taking to my clients my personal lessons, this has been a big one for me and I’m so happy to share it with you. Trust in your body, give it the tools it needs. 

Here are some of the actions I took in order to release inches and feel good again:

  • Food first – This is always where I start my clients, and it’s where I chose to act first. I began by upgrading all of my choices. I could still have pizza if I would eat gluten free, organic, free range, and add lots of veggies. 
  • Sunshine – Get in it when it’s shining for at least 15 minutes every day without protection. Yep. I just said that. Simply because a supplement is not capable of doing what the best and most natural source can. 
  • Create – Write, color, journal, paint, build, decorate, procreate – whatever getting creative is for you – do it. 
  • Move – This was one of my last focuses. I love to walk, but my walking drops off drastically in the winter months because I have an aversion to the cold. A dear friend of mine challenged me to set exercise as a new habit and promised she’d hold me accountable. It’s working – I’ve been committed and successful at working out for an hour 6 days a week since the first week in January! (yay me!)
  • Focus on water – In the summer, water is easy for me, but winter months I crave the warmth and bitterness of coffee. My first step was to cut back on coffee consumption with Teecino. Next, I switched to other herbal teas, and now I’m back to drinking a warm cup of water plain or with lemon. 
  • Create routine where you can – I have a highly fluctuating schedule. From scheduling in clients, to student mentoring for IIN, to running my son to taekwondo, to homeschooling, to his guitar lessons, to managing all the house duties, a routine can be really challenging. Find the times that work best for you. I journal, read, and chill every morning as I make a plan for my day. I meal plan weekly. I work out in the evenings. I set timers, write in my planner, and check off as I go. It’s all part of my accountability plan and it works! 

With a clear mind and strong body, I am inspired to take greater action. As I make better choices for me, I’m cooking more often and choosing better with my family as well. Everyone benefits when Mom is doing good for herself. 

As these changes have been clicking into their natural places in my life, my husband and I have been inspired in so many ways. (It’s the gift of the clear mind when you eat to support your body!) Along with all of our inspired ideas, we’ve decided it’s time to follow our biggest dream. It’s a doozy and involves moving (AGAIN.) but this time to where we’ve always wanted to be. In order to do this, we have to downsize drastically, declutter like the dickens, and alter our lifestyle dramatically. Have you heard of the tiny houses? It’s pretty much what we’ll be doing for a period of time, while we begin my husband’s career as a home builder. It’s his dream and… it’s his turn. 

Sounds exciting doesn’t it? A really grand adventure? The answer to this is a resounding YES! 

AND I’ll blog about it as we go. 

The first step is to say yes. We meet with real estate agents on Thursday. We will have to set a date to list the house, which right now we are projecting will be the end of April. That gives us two months to get rid of nearly everything except what we want to plant in our forever home when it’s done. It may be a couple of a years before that happens, so right now, if it doesn’t fit into the tiny house, it’s got to go. 

If we say yes on Thursday – the adventure begins immediately! Wish me luck and keep checking back for all sorts of humor and insight into this transition. 


The New Year is a gateway! Art therapy and more

Be Brave

A new year gives you a gateway to set intentions and take renewed action toward your goals.


The New Year is a gateway. 

Will you walk through it? 

Around here, year-end and new year are ritualistic. I always shut down my practice as much as possible, say no to work more often, and black out my calendar so I don’t ignore my intentions. It’s not easy, but it is truly a must for me. 

The back end of December and front end of January are a time I catch up, declutter, reflect, dream, meditate, let go, burn candles, sage my house, renew, and make a plan for the next year. I find my inspiration, get creative, and learn. For me, this time is action both internally and externally and my experience has shown me that if I don’t do this, I will spiral into a bad habit of letting go of what’s most important to do what’s not at all important. I will let fear take over, excuses pave the way, exhaustion to take hold and while I will continue to take action – it’s not clear or productive. I cannot show up well for my clients or myself. 

It’s early January, and I’m feeling invigorated, inspired, and am laying out plans. 

My new year will be focused on combining healthy and healing creative practices and techniques into my health coaching practice. This will do many things for me and my clients such as making space for fun and play as well as offering helpful tools for the mass of Moms coping with lack of clarity, overwhelm, depression, and anxiety. This will first be released in my new MomPositive Creativity Program that is scheduled to launch at the end of January. MomPositive Creativity is a form of Art Therapy and will cover six creative practices that support healing and help you to design and live your happiest life.The program will be broken down into modules that will cover techniques and practices such as vision boards, art journaling, scrapbooking, meditative coloring, Zendoodles, and more. These practices have all been shown to provide stress reduction, mind clearing, meditation like benefits as well as laying a foundation for setting goals and intentions for self-improvement. The best part? It’s going to be only $59.00! 

If you would like more information on this program, or to notified when the program launches, please contact me directly at

There are other ideas I have mapped out for this year, both personally and professionally. For my new company Mirrored Expressions, we are launching a series of new designs, setting up a marketing plan, and creating better systems and routines so it feels more manageable as we continue to work to get our product into homes across America!  

In my personal life, we have travel ahead with my son competing in his first U. S. Open and Nationals, maybe a visit to Maryland to spend time with my daughter before she finishes her service with the U. S. Navy, and if all our cards land right we might even squeeze in a real family vacation.

My health goals are bold and include balancing my hormones, eating my leafy greens every day, drinking 64 ounces of water daily, and moving intentionally for at least an hour every day. 

Despite my greater business plans, I plan to spend less time in front of the computer and more time in nature, barefoot when possible. This means I’ll have to plan and execute well, stay focused and allow less lollygagging. I read somewhere last year a meme or quote that said, “work only as much as necessary.” This caused me to pause and think…am I calling it work? By this I mean, the time I float around on Facebook doing absolutely nothing productive, or drifting on the internet….do I call that work?

The answer is…yes. Sometimes I do. When I’m focused and not allowing myself to be distracted by silly things, I get a lot done in a very short time. With that in mind, I know I can succeed when I say, I’ll “work” less and play more. The gift is more time with my son and hubby. That’s going to be worth it! Don’t you think? Joshua Rosenthal, the founder of The Institute for Integrative Nutrition teaches us, “single pointed focus”, and this is what I need to practice this coming year. 

The New Year is truly a gateway to a fresh start, a new outlook, and renewed action toward your vision. What projects will you begin? What goals are you reaching for? What do you hope to accomplish in this New Year? 

Remember that if you would like more information about my art therapy focus through MomPositive Creativity, email me directly at 

I’d love to hear from you! COMMENT BELOW!