Why I Cancelled My Cable TV

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Cable TV was an incredibly exciting service when I was young. I can’t remember how old I was when it was being offered to the world for the first time – you know – tv without advertisements. All the movies you could stand without standing in line. I have a shadow of a memory of the ads.

My dad is a tech geek, now a programmer for large companies, he was always first in line to get the latest tech anything. We had an Atari system, we had internet when you had chat rooms that were mostly blinking cursers and suddenly appearing sentences from someone across the US, and we watched a lot of tv. I have a fading memory of my early 20’s and showing my best friend, Erin, how cool it was to chat with someone you’ve never met before. As a child, I remember long Sundays with MASH, Star Trek, Planet of the Apes, and even a John Wayne show now and again. We were totally immersed. TV, Video Games, Internet, and Cable. (My dad even had one of those brick cell phones!)

Back then, we had no idea what we were getting into.

All this life consuming technology.

Once we are plugged in, the years of our lives flew by. When we are sad, frustrated, or overwhelmed, it’s the place to go to “take a break”. We “relax” in front of tech. Saturating our brains with overwhelming amounts of information and immersing our emotions in other people’s issues, not really consciously considering real or unreal. We give our selves up to this world of unreality.

As I’ve gotten older and become so aware of the world around me, the roles our choices play, and how we are influenced by all the media around us, I’ve come to a huge realization.

The more time we spend in it…. the less we are able to do our own lives.

The more time we spend in it… the less we think for ourselves.

The more time we spend in it… the harder it is to problem solve and realize our resources.

The more time we spend in it…the more pliable we are.

The more time we spend in it… the less control we have.

The more time we spend in it…. the less confidence we have that we have enough, are enough, do enough.

The messages are constant, through the ads and movies and tv shows alike. Messages are given that create a culture of consumption, a culture that lacks empathy, and a culture that is increasingly more violent and hateful.

And… we pay for it with our hard earned dollars and consider it a “necessity”, a “living expense”.

It can be a lot to consider, especially as a Mom. Because it’s not just me, it’s my kids and my hubby. These things influence my family, our dreams, desires, fears, and understanding of the culture in our society.

When you know better, you can do better.

Today, I received a notice that my request to cancel our cable was granted and as of today, we no longer have access to those 900 channels of crap.

We are not totally unplugged, we do have a smart tv and internet (obviously), and we can pick and choose what we watch, when we watch tv. We can filter more clearly what our family watches together. And, we are already paying for Amazon service through our Amazon Prime membership. (I’m sure someday Amazon will rule the world, but for now, I like the free shipping for things to my daughter and granddaughter who live far away.) Through our smart TV, we have access to ambience channels like watching a campfire or the ocean waves, cooking channels, travel channels, science channels, news channels, and have options to add movie channels like HBO for a much lower monthly rate than a cable package. I have also subscribed to GAIA which is an amazing holistic minded channel where, when I want to watch tv, I am expanding my mind and heart instead of filling it with junk. In essence, switching to what we have through the smart tv gives us more control of what we have available to watch.

Other reasons I cancelled cable?

1. Saves money

2. I’d rather be outside

3. We’ll be more likely to play a board game or do a creative activity together

4. If I’m not in front of the tv, I actually snack less! (Same with my family!)

You see, our minds are much like the rest of our bodies.

What you put in, you are going to get out of it.

If you want more from your life, you need to provide the tools for your body and mind to be their best and to change choices that sabotage your ability to show up in your life as your best self.

Canceling cable is a good choice for us.

Is it a good choice for you?

I’d love to hear from you!

Xxoo, Tammi

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