What You Need To Know Before Using Hemp Extract or CBD

All you need to know about CBD

Guest post by Pam Roach

Hemp and CBD are the new buzzwords. The popularity of hemp/CBD products is skyrocketing and for good reason–they can provide potent, effective relief from pain from headaches, arthritis, and muscle tightness. And, it is a powerful sleep aid, decreases stress and anxiety, and helps with many conditions caused by inflammation. Recent research suggests that it even has potent anti-cancer effects.

A huge influx of people are turning to hemp/CBD products because, unlike the pharmaceuticals, they have no nasty side effects, it’s impossible to overdose on them, they’re not addictive, they aren’t regulated as a drug, and there is no known level at which the substance becomes toxic. In fact, zero deaths have been attributed to hemp and CBD products. This is of course as opposed to the tens of thousands of deaths and addictions attributed to the pharmaceutical sleep aids and pain relievers.

I get asked a lot of questions about hemp and CBD products, so I would like to answer some of the most common questions I receive:

What does CBD stand for?

CBD stands for the compound cannabidiol–one of the cannabinoids found in the hemp plant that has beneficial effects. CBD is one of 113 identified cannabinoids found in cannabis sativa.

Do hemp/CBD products make you high?

No THC = No high. Hemp plants are bred to have a high percentage of CBD, terpenes, vitamins and minerals, and a very low percentage (0.3%) of THC, the compound that produces the “high.” Hemp/CBD products are not psychoactive and won’t make you high–you get the benefits without the buzz.

What will I notice when I take CBD hemp extract?

Most people report a quick response, while others have a slower response over time. No one is sure why this is. It could be due to your body’s metabolism, weight, health, and the amount and frequency of use. Many people report feeling like themselves with a lessening of their feelings of stress and pain. The first time I used a hemp/CBD extract for my severe headache, I got relief within about 10 minutes. Other people report that it took a few doses to find relief.

How come there are no side effects?

The short answer is hemp/CBD extract goes into the body through its own receptor system–it doesn’t have to borrow “entrance doorways” from other bodily functions, thereby creating an imbalance.

Every animal that has a spinal column has an endocannabinoid system (ECS)–an internal network of receptors built into the body. Scientists know that cannabinoids interact with the ECS receptors in the central & peripheral nervous systems, like keys in locks, which help maintain balance in the body, helping it stay in a normal, healthy state.

What is the difference between “full-spectrum” hemp/CBD and a CBD isolate?

Full spectrum extract has dozens of beneficial terpenes, (plant compounds), cannabinoids, amino acids, carbohydrates, vitamins ( B1, B2, B6, D, and E), fatty acids (omega 3 and 6), and trace minerals (iron, zinc, calcium, magnesium, and potassium) that work together to amplify the effects of CBD. The CBD, terpenes and other cannabinoids all work together to provide a greater effect than just the CBD alone, this effect is called the Entourage Effect.

A CBD isolate is simply cannabidiol that has been extracted from the hemp plant and isolated from the other cannabinoids. Studies have shown that the isolates don’t work as well as full-spectrum does. One of the benefits of an isolate is that there is no trace amount of THC, so it would be a safer choice if undergoing drug testing.

What does “activated” mean?

When a hemp plant produces CBD, it is produced in the form of CBDA. For CBD to be available to the body, the naturally occurring CBDA must be converted to CBD, in a process known as “activation” (or decarboxylation), and is accomplished by heating the CBDA until it chemically converts to CBD.  

The conventional method for activating CBD involves exposing the CBDA to high heat for 45 minutes to several hours until most of the CBDA is converted to CBD. However, the prolonged high heat destroys most of the plant’s beneficial terpenes, in turn lowering the effectiveness of the extract.

Does it matter how the hemp/CBD has been extracted and activated?

What are the different methods of extraction and activation?

1. Many hemp/CBD products are extracted using hexane, butane and pentane, leaving toxic residues in the extract. Even if the plants were grown organically, after this type of extraction, they can be polluted with residues of toxic chemicals and heavy metals.

2. Alcohol extraction uses ethanol. Further purification processes are needed to ensure no contamination.

3. Co2 extraction is a process that uses carbon dioxide to extract the CBD from the hemp. This method leaves less toxic material in the CBD product versus chemical extraction.

4. The patented NES Vapor Distillation (TM) process. Heated air is passed through hemp flowers to evaporate the cannabinoids and terpenes from the surface of the hemp in the form of vapor. This vapor is then collected and condensed into a terpene-rich, full spectrum high CBD hemp extract, with no chemical residues.

4. Conventional activation methods expose the product to high heat from 45 minutes to several hours. A benefit of this method is that it is an inexpensive way to extract. However the downside of this is this method destroys many of the beneficial terpenes and other plant compounds.

5. Flash Activation (TM) is a very fast process that preserves all of the cannabinoids and terpenes, unlike the long exposure to heat with the other methods. Hot air is applied to the CBDA for less than 2 seconds so the plant’s natural terpenes are preserved, resulting in a more potent and effective extract.

Does it matter if it is grown organically or grown in the US?

Hemp plants clean the soil they are planted in. So all of the toxic pesticides and fertilizers that have been used on the soil end up in the hemp.

The US has very strict standards to be able to say “grown organically”– it has to be proved that there have been no chemicals applied to the soil for 10 years.

Can hemp/CBD help my dog and cat?

There is a lot of anecdotal evidence from pet owners on how hemp has helped their pets by reducing their anxiety, reducing their pain from arthritis, by its anti-nausea effects along with the potent anti-inflammatory effects associated with autoimmune and skin disorders. Colorado State University just did a study which showed an 89% decrease in seizures in dogs using hemp/CBD.

Will I pass a drug test taking hemp/CBD?

Whether or not you will pass a drug test depends on the drug test and what hemp/CBD product you are taking. If it is a zero tolerance drug test, the 0.3% THC could provide a positive result depending on the amount and length of use of a full-spectrum hemp product. I have several nurses who take hemp/CBD and they pass their drug tests. A CBD isolate should not have any traces of THC, so it might be a safer bet.  As with anything, follow your heart, and my feeling is, it is better to be safe than sorry if your job depends on it.

How come some hemp/CBD products are cheaper than others?

First off, I would look at how much CBD is in each dose and in the entire bottle. A standard dose for pain is about 25 mg of CBD. For example many products advertise 30 doses, but each dose only contains 6 mg of CBD, so even though it might be inexpensive, it doesn’t end up being a good deal. Another factor is that some hemp/CBD products are not grown in the US–the danger being many illegal chemicals could be used in the growing and the extraction and activation.

Make sure the product you buy is full-spectrum, full-terpene, not an isolate, and is grown organically. It is cheaper to extract and activate the hemp using chemicals, but the end result isn’t as pure or potent.

What kind of results have you experienced?

I love being a part of and hearing about how ColoBD hemp/CBD extract and salve improves people’s lives.

Earlier this year, a friend and I had been hiking in Moab all day, and my friend’s arthritis in her hip was really bothering her – she could barely walk, she was in so much pain. She took a dose of the ColoBD 600 mg extract while we packed our suitcases and got ready. As I followed her out to the car, I noticed she wasn’t limping…I asked her about her hip, and she said it didn’t hurt anymore and that she had forgotten about it!

My brother-in-law has a hand injury from the Vietnam war that bothers him and is painful. He doesn’t want to take any drugs for pain relief so he had just been putting up with it. He gets relief of his pain by rubbing a little of the salve on his hand each day.

Another woman told me how her husband had never slept well his whole life and that he was sleeping great with a very small dose of extract, and what a wonderful relief for him to be rested.

Many people find it lowers their feelings of anxiety, allowing them to function with more peace and ease throughout their day.

One gal has endometriosis which at times leaves her with debilitating pain. She had tried another CBD product which didn’t work for her. Twenty minutes after taking a dose of the ColoBD 600 mg extract, her pain was relieved enough that she could eat, and then slept for 6 hours straight, something that she hadn’t been able to do for weeks. Her mother was undergoing chemotherapy, and was weak because she was too nauseous to be able to eat. She tried some of the extract, and then cooked and ate an omelet!

Why choose ColoBD Hemp/CBD products?

  • local–Grown in the sunny skies in the foothills of Fort Collins, Colorado, extracted and bottled in Boulder, Colorado.

  • organic— Our premium quality hemp/CBD extract is sourced from USDA certified organically grown hemp using bio-dynamic farming techniques and predatory insects. Since there are more natural nutrients in the soil, there are more nutrients in the hemp. There are no pesticide and insecticide residues in the certified organic soils and no chemicals applied to the plants.

  • superior genetics–The seed used has been bred for high concentrations of CBD and terpenes with a low THC content.

  • superior extraction & activation–The patented hot air extraction and activation processes used give our extract over 100 terpenes which all work together to provide powerful relief of pain and anxiety in our customers and their pets.

  • pure–no chemical residues from extraction–The patented hot air extraction and activation process used ensures there are no chemical residues in our hemp extract, unlike those that extract with hexane, pentane and butane. Extracts and oils that have been extracted using butane, hexane and pentane are not considered organic, since they can contain chemical pollutants, heavy metal’s and other adulterants leftover from the extraction process.

  • more potent due to activation process–ColoBD extracts are Flash Activated(TM) in less than 2 seconds so the plant’s natural terpenes are preserved, resulting in a more potent and effective extract. Our products contain the highest level of naturally-occurring terpenes of any activated edible extracts.

  • purity you can taste— You can do a taste test and clearly taste that our hemp extract tastes better than others. The other brands chemical residues and prolonged periods of high heat make their extracts bitter tasting.

If you would like a free sample of our extract or salve, please email me at pam@ColoBDPainRelief.com.

When ordering, apply the coupon code MP12 to save 12% on your entire order when checking out at www.ColoBDPainRelief.com.

About Pam Roach:

A health and nutrition consultant from Boulder, Colorado, Pam has spent thirty years studying healthy eating and living. Her research went into high gear when she was diagnosed with stage four cancer in 2014, and she switched her focus to alternative cancer-fighting substances. This research led her to hemp & CBD, with its unique cancer-fighting properties.

ColoBD Pain Relief was born out of Pam’s desire to do something meaningful–something that would make a difference. When a local biochemist who had made his millions selling his CBD extract to buyers in Europe chose to partner with a few local businesses as a way of giving back to the community, she jumped at the chance to found ColoBD Pain Relief, which offers more potent and pure hemp and CBD products.

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