The Good, The Bad, and The Beauty of GoBe

You can ask just about any nutritionist or health coach about top tips for weight loss and have a very common list. It will go something like; reduce processed carbs, exercise more, eat whole foods, make a plan, and track everything. It’s the same story almost every where you go. I know. (Ten years in the industry makes it clear.) And, I totally concur.

Friends, weight loss for the general population is not complicated in concept. It really is just a few lifestyle adjustments – it’s making them consistently and persistently that gets complicated. There’s no secret formula or magic potion that will do it for you for the long term. Eventually, you have to change your habits if you want to keep the weight off, get fit, and feel awesome.

For my own clients, we start with clarity about where changes need to be made. That begins with tracking.

Now, in the old days (all of a decade ago), this meant keeping a written journal of every single thing that you might have eaten or drank in a day. Every bite, every swallow. But not just what – the when and how much. Sometimes, even the why. (For my emotional eaters.) At first, the tracking is exciting. Within a few days of this tedious chore, my clients become weary of it. Once the tracking stops – the window to the choices closes. it’s easy to say you are eating healthy if you aren’t really paying attention to what you are eating over all. It feels like a mystery when we are ignorant. (I know that doesn’t sound nice, but it’s the truth.)

Quickly, technology is changing our industry. With smart wristbands and rings, we now have devices that will take on this chore for us. Bands that track our activity and give us a place to plug in our choices instead of writing them down. Still a little tedious, but it’s more fun when we can view the results of our choices immediately without doing a bunch of math.

More recently, I was invited to learn about the GoBe. Despite being a fan of all things natural, I’m also a techie. I love doo-dads, or as my mom would say, “bells and whistles”. Anything that does math for me, that saves my time, that does “cool” things for me. GoBe, wrist tracker, health tracker

The GoBe turns out to be a really high tech device you wear on your wrist. Like an activity band, it monitors your activity, but it’s far more advanced than a step tracker. This baby sends electronic signals into your arm reading the glucose and water content that goes in and out of your cells, your heart rate, your stress levels, your sleep quality, your emotions, your average basal metabolic rate, and from this information can deliver information like your energy balance through out the day (have you burned more than you ate?) and your actual hydration levels. You can learn more about the technology of the GoBe on a pdf file HERE. The people behind the curtain can tell you way more about the science than I can. What I can say above all is that I’m completely impressed.

When I first got the device, I would eat something, then constantly sync it with the app, watching for the glucose spike. I would eat different things to watch how it accounts for when I ate and what I ate. You see, instead of reading labels, it’s telling me how my unique body is using what I put into it and when it’s using it. Since I know that bio individuality is an extremely important consideration for all things health related this device helps me to understand my unique body and what is right and when it’s right for me.

As an example of how this works, there was a night that we didn’t have time for dinner before my son’s Taekwondo classes, so we ate afterward – about 8:30 p.m. and in the morning, I reviewed the GoBe reports to realize that as late as 4:00 a.m., my body was still processing the foods that I ate before bed. That was eye opening!

Lately, I’ve been into more science based approaches to what is happening in my body, like getting labs done so I can have a better and more truthful view of what is happening. This gives me the information I need to make better decisions to support my body exactly where it is. I think of the GoBe as a bit of lab work that I can run continuously on my body that helps me to make that very next decision the best I can. I’m looking at my daily choices in a bigger picture and with deeper understanding.

Check out a video of this incredible technology! VIDEO

Let me lay out the Good and Bad on this baby.

GoBe, smart band, activity tracker


Tracks physical response to the food you eat in real time

Tracks calorie burn via movement, heart rate, basal metabolism, all forms of movement.

Tracks sleep

Tracks hydration

Charts results in an easy to understand and compare app for your smart device

Vibrates when you need to drink more water

Vibrates when you are seemingly stressed for a period of time, giving you the chance to get present with what’s happening, take a few deep breaths or a break and support your body.

All of this incredible information helps you to fully understand how your body is responding to what you are putting into it, to how you are moving, to when you are stressed, and for how long. Knowing all of this can help you (or your coach) make educated adjustments to support your body in reaching whatever goals you have set.


There aren’t many, and in my perspective, these are worth the value of the information this device gives you.

It’s a little bulky, but seriously, you are putting a super computer on your arm. Designs will evolve over time.

It’s got a little bit of nickel in the metal backing. It’s through this metal plate contact with your skin that it does it’s readings – I’m allergic to nickel, so I’m switching arms and flipping it inward and outward every few days. This helps to keep irritation at bay. If you do develop a rash, take it off until the rash heals completely and try switching off, like me.

The step counter works best when you swing your arm. It’s not perfect, but I’ve found that when I can read the energy balance – suddenly how many steps I’ve taken doesn’t matter. In fact, I had the “other” brand fitness tracker for years and was always wishing it would notice when I was doing other forms of exercise without me having to log it in. This GoBe DOES that! So I don’t need to know that I’ve been swimming – I just need to know how many calories over my dinner I’ve burned!


The good far outweighs any negative!

Ultimately, I believe when we know better, we can do better, and that is what devices like the GoBe do for us. I think this device is particularly helpful for people who want to lose weight, but also for people who want to overcome type 2 diabetes, PCOS, hormone disorders that are rooted in blood sugar imbalances, sleep disorders, and for athletes looking to improve their performance. It’s an incredible tool.

You can learn more about the GoBe and the technology behind it by clicking HERE. Save 10% on your own by entering headpositivemom – 10% for your promo code!

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