The First Steps To Getting Over Toxic Mold Exposure

I recently shared about my battle with toxic mold these past three years. This battle has held me back in so many ways, stealing joy from my incredibly blessed life.

Worse, I couldn’t figure out how to stop my health from spiraling! I spent countless nights and mornings researching my symptoms (mistake #1) hoping to alleviate the pain for good. There seems to be cycles of intensity and sometimes there seemed to be no reason, just an onset. Ugh. I went to many doctors and specialists seeking answers and solutions, of which I was only given treatment for my symptoms. Obviously, they too, were stumped.

I’d heard the idea of mold toxicity being a problem, but for most stories, I’d heard once they left the building, the symptoms went away. We’d moved three times in three years moving from our long time home in the country to my moms where we spent about 6 to 8 weeks, then living in a house, an apartment, and a townhome. It just didn’t make sense, so I kept looking.

My symptoms were:

Repeated cycles of chronic sinusitis
Repeated ear infections
Nausea and vomiting
Migraine like headaches that began with sharp and throbbing in my sinuses
Swollen lymph nodes in my neck
joint pain that would keep me up at night
Frequent bouts of feeling like I needed a nap
Brain Fog, forgetting words
and the most obvious one, lots of weight gain in a very short period of time.

Symptoms can also include:

Itchy skin
Itchy, red eyes
Stomach pains
Muscle cramps

And it can complicate or add to a myriad of chronic conditions and autoimmune diseases such as:

Thyroid Issues
Hormonal Issues
Chronic Inflammation

We’ve shared our planet with toxic mold since at least the biblical times. Leviticus 14 provides specific instructions for toxic black mold remediation. It’s writ. ten that any stone in a house with a “defiling” mold on it needed to be removed from the home and taken far away from civilization, and the family who lived in the home as well as their guests were instructed to bathe thoroughly.

If mold continued to grow in the home, the Law required it to be torn down.

According to modern science, the first case of Toxic Mold was “discovered” in Eastern Europe by August Carl Joseph Corda, in 1837. It was noted again between the years of 1920 and 1938 when farm animals became ill with nervous system complications and extreme bleeding. It was found that the cause was due to toxic black mold on the damp hay and feed.

This began science’s study of the affects of toxic mold both on animals and humans with the first documented human infection being around the 1940’s noticed first in humans handling farm animals, hay and feed.

So, while I’m here in the middle of the United States, thinking this is a new thing – no friends, it is not new, but it does seem to be getting worse.

With a complex system of modern building codes, flooding and other natural and human causes of moist and damp circumstances, our buildings are being invaded and so are our bodies!

Now that we have a bit of the history here, let’s talk about the first steps of action.

Once we can recognize that there is a potential for toxic mold exposure, it gives us a different approach than just treating symptoms. Now, we know there is a root to pull.

Step #1 – If you wish, you may go get tested. At the time of this posts, there are urine tests and blood tests available to see if you are battling toxic mold exposure. I suggest seeking out a Functional Medicine or Naturopathic Doctor to get started. Some Naturopathic and Functional Medicine Doctors will work via Skype, I have one I recommend. His name is Dr. Graves and you can find him HERE. I have been working with him for a few months now and he has given me tools that are helping immensely.

Step #2 – Reduce your mold exposure. If it’s in your home you will HAVE to get it remediated. I’m blessed in that it was not in my current home, rather had moved from it three times over. Once it’s not in your environment, it is time for you to focus on other ways it might come into your body.

Check clothing, items you have in storage, your washing machine, under your sinks, piles of laundry, wet dish towels left stacked, around your showers, and tubs. You can also check window sills and door ways.

Step #3 – The Naturopathic Doctor gave me a blend of essential oils in a carrier oil called Breathe Easy. I’ve not yet found the source, but when I do, I promise to share it with you. I was instructed to pour a capful or two into my sinus spray and use as much as I need to during the day. In lieu of a traditional saline spray, I’ve changed up to using Xlear which has xylitol in it. I’ve simply removed the cap to the Xlear bottle and poured two capfuls of the suggested essential oil blend into it. I shake before I use it every time and I spray at least twice while inhaling into each side of my nose.

Step #4 – Steam with herbs in your water. There are many natural medicines that help us to battle fungus and pathogens that my favorite doctor, Mother Earth, provides for us. Oregano is one of them, and maybe the best. Thyme is another. I suggest boiling water on the stove, removing from the heat, and adding anti-fungal herbs, then breathing in the resulting herbal steam. (Carefully please so you don’t dump a pot of boiling water on yourself then add to your troubles!)

Step #5 – Diffuse. I love essential oils, but I’m very picky about where I get them from and you should be too. Locate the best quality or visit my favorite vendor at Look for oregano, thyme, cinnamon, clove, and tea tree oils. You can use any one, or a combination of them to battle mold spores in the air and immediate environment around the diffuser. These are “hot” oils so may be too much for your pets, I suggest diffusing in an area where your pets can escape if they need to.

This is just the beginning of your battle, and mine, and there are many more layers I’ll want to cover with you. Keep your eyes here, be sure to subscribe to the blog via emails on the right hand side. (This is not the same as getting my newsletter!)

Healing and being well is a holistic job and no one of these tips will lead you to recovery. It will take persistence and perseverance to pull you through. I’m speaking to myself as well, as I’m foreseeing a long road to recovery, but I know I’ll get there.

I invite you to a continued conversation with me about this mold adventure. Feel free to comment below, or find me on social media (links are to the right) to learn more.


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