The Exercise That Changes Lives

Most of my clients resist exercise like it’s poison. They just don’t want to do it. Their resistance sounds like, “I don’t have time.” Or “I do it once then forget to do it again.” Or “I hate going to the gym!”. Honestly, I don’t like gyms either. I’m 46, a grandma, and most public membership gyms look like a night club scene with skimpy clothes, flinging hair, sweat spraying everywhere, and eye boggled ooglers. (Do you know what I mean?)

Sometimes, resistance sounds like, “I’ve tried working out, it just doesn’t work for me.” What they mean is they tried a particular type of movement once and didn’t like it, or the soreness the next day didn’t feel worth it. Sometimes, the type of movement isn’t right for their body, or age, or condition. Sometimes, together, we have to look at various forms and styles. It’s okay. Every one has a different body and what works for one will not always work for another. The only thing that stands true across the board is that exercise will benefit everyone.

As I get older, I am realizing more and more the importance of exercise.

It strengthens, leans, holds up what is inevitably falling down. (Ha!) It improves your mood, gets that detoxifying lymph flowing, and reduces risk for a variety of diseases like heart disease and even breast cancer.

Exercise also supports our bones, which as an aging woman with osteoporosis in the family, is on my task list.

So, all of this said, exercise is a part of my personal daily routine, in one form or another, and I always encourage my clients to find what works for them and move more than they already are.

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Exercise can and should be many things. It should be quick, rapid, cardio movement at times and it should be slow, deliberate, stretching movement at times. Sometimes, it should be weight bearing or resistance exercise. We need it all to keep our body able to keep up with our kids at all ages and to experience life in all of it’s opportunities.

There are programs that include all of these or that focus in on only a few, but there is only one form of exercise that in one way or another might encompass them all.


Now, I’m not a teacher, or a guru, but I can tell you that Yoga will change your life.

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Before you begin to judge or run amuck with excuses, there is a Yoga for every body at every level so no matter where you are, there is a Yoga just for you.

Yoga is incredibly diverse and often slow and deliberate while also being resistance, strengthening, stretching, and sometimes even quick and challenging as it increases your heart rate.

It is breath, patience, focus.

It is physical for sure, connecting breath to movement and stillness. It leans and tones, but it is also connects focus of your mind to your body. Your mind moves to focus on stance, structure, angle, and holding the poses as required. (Need to get out of your head for a minute? If yes, this is perfect for you!)

Many people who practice Yoga, over time, express a greater sense of peace. Some express it’s helped strengthen their spirituality, meditation, presence, and clarity. (Unexpected, yes?)

Yoga has a large variety of styles and levels, so if you try one and it’s not what you wanted, try another. Keep trying until you find one that works well for you.

I love doing Yoga.

I roll out my mat in the middle of my tiny living room, get a bottle of spring water, change into my comfy yoga pants and a t-shirt, and watch a downloadable video.

Yes, a video.

Oh, I’ve done a few classes in studio in my time, but so love the convenience of just pulling up a video. (And a little like the public membership gyms, I’m a little put off by the group environment.)

I can show up with my bed head, my pj’s, and unbrushed teeth. I can feel like it’s okay to be me. I can do some poses and not others and not feel judged or like a weakling. I can grunt when it’s hard, fuss when I’m shaking, laugh when I’m not in the mood, or yell at the television when the instructor drives me nuts. It’s all perfect this way.

During my travel weeks, I can do Yoga in my hotel room, in my pj’s, with unbrushed teeth, before I shower, doll up, and head out for all we travel for. (Ever feel like vacations and travel pull you off target? Yes? Downloadable Yoga is for you!)

Truthfully, with the drive, cost, and drive again – it can simply be too costly and time consuming to commit to classes for me and for my clients. With a video, cost and time are no longer an excuse! – Stream at home, and Download when you’re on the go!

Have you ever tried Yoga? If so, what style or form do you practice or love the most? If not, have I talked you into trying it yet?

I sure hope so!

If you are curious about the best and most convenient downloadable Yoga – you can find a collection of classes by clicking here: Online Yoga Class

If you try it, let me know what you think!

Here’s to our collective strength, health, and peace!

Xxoo, Tammi

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