Reading: Good For Your Heart & Brain

Cuddled up in my sacred corner, my favorite fuzzy cream colored blanket draped over my toes and my tiny pup laying between my feet, I am considering my second cup of coffee. My special quiet spot has all my current favorite reads available for me to choose from. I reach for Mother Earth Living first, flipping through the pages for patio gardening ideas and spring remedies for what ails me. Next, I grab A Mindful Day, by David Dillard Wright, to focus my heart and thoughts. Many morning are filled with reading in lieu of technology. I love how this leaves me feeling inspired, connected, and expanded.

It’s got me thinking.

I hear a lot about the benefits of learning to read and how reading expands our children’s minds and stirs their imaginations, but I don’t really hear much about the benefits of reading as an adult. Could this be an essential we are pushing out with modern technology?

When was the last time you sat down to read a paper book?

Could it be that you’ve let your days get swept away with to do’s, errands, exercise, cooking, and other normal crazy busy Mom duties?

Trust me, I totally understand. That’s why I am very selective about what I read and why I keep it readily available in my special little corner. You see, this is where I have my morning ritual. I write, pray, meditate, breathe, and read here before I do anything else for the day. I can choose what I want to do each day, there’s no concrete or stiff regimen I need to do, just to have this time for me before I dive into my day.

Reading of any sort expands your mind, increases your vocabulary ( are you in the f* word rut like the rest of the planet? ), reduces stress, strengthens your analytical thinking skills, improves your writing skills, and even can improve your memory and focus.

In a world where we can simply tell the machine to change a channel, lock the doors, raise the curtains, or flip windows and scroll to look at something different, focus is a challenge for MOST ADULTS and it’s a skill we need in order to be both productive and effective in our work and daily lives.

Well, my book is calling, so I’m going to wrap this up – I want to invite you to read a book, a magazine, an article in a local paper. What’s your favorite read? What do you enjoy reading about the most?

Xxoo, Tammi

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