Proud to be an American

Happy 4th of July! Enjoy your holiday!

Today I reflect on being an American and what it means to me.
Have you done this?

I invite you to reflect.

It’s so much more than fireworks and hot dogs, isn’t it? 

Oh yes!

It’s the ability to be free. To own land and/or a home. To have a say. To have the opportunity to make a choice to move my life in a direction that I want to go. To choose what’s right for me and my family. 

See, that CHOICE is the truest of freedoms. I can choose to work, one, two, or three jobs. I can choose to learn more so I can show up more in my life. I can choose to seek support when I need it. I can choose to serve. I can choose to eat well or not. I can choose to get uncomfortable and to take up an opportunity where it lies in my path. I always have choices in many forms. Where I live, what I do, how I show up. 

Most of the choices I have are because I am free and an American. Being an American doesn’t mean that I am entitled. It means I have the opportunity. What I do with that is my choice. 

Being an American doesn’t mean things always go my way. It means I have the opportunity to make them different. 

I hope you have a beautiful and safe holiday with all those you love around you. 




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