Oola for Women, Find Balance in an Unbalanced World Book Review

Find Balance in an Unbalanced World

Life change can be difficult, which, if you’ve ever tried to lose weight, increase movement, quit smoking, or alter your everyday life in any way, you have already experienced. 

The truth is that changing anything can often involve a focused re-evaluation of many areas of your life, including but certainly not limited to food, exercise, fresh air, fun, and friends. Oola for Women, Find Balance in an Unbalanced World takes you on this journey. One step at a time, you are led to consider the 7 key areas of your life that impact your health and happiness. According to Oola for Women, these are fitness, finance, family, field, faith, friends, and fun.

I found this book to be insightful and spent much time reflecting on my own choices, especially those around fitness, friends, family, and fun. For me, these are all areas I’m working on. I was a little worried I’d be in for another long dull reference-book-like read, as I’ve read so many personal development books over the years, but I was sweetly surprised and found myself caught up in the emotion of the transformational personal stories that the 42 women featured in this book have shared. 

The authors, Dave Braun and Troy Amdahl, make taking on life changes exciting and achievable. I am blessed that I get to celebrate balance in many of the 7 key areas and look forward to continuing my own personal journey toward greater alignment using the principles covered in this great read! 

If you are seeking a read that is going to inspire you to take action, this is the book for you! 



A great read to inspire action!

  **I did not receive monetary compensation for this review and I am not affiliated with Oola in any way. This review is my authentic opinion. You may or may not feel the same. 

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