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This is a guest post written by the inspiring Megan Lockhart! Check out what excitement she has going on! Xo, Tammi

When you look back on your life, what are the moments that you regret?

Are they the failures you have experienced?

Are they the moments that you decided that “next time” or “I’ll start that tomorrow” were said but never committed to?

It’s a beautiful day to take ONE step towards becoming your most confident self.  It’s time to look in the mirror and say NOW OR NEVER.

We all want to be like those women who are confident, courageous, and inspiring others.  We all want to look back on our life and know that there are little to no moments of regret.  Whether it comes to business, personal, financial, or relationships, now is the time to put fear aside and move forward with other women who are there to support and encourage you.  There is no other option.  Here are 5 reasons why taking action NOW will work for you.


  1.  Your brain reacts in a positive way.  This Now or Never movement is all about support, encouragement, and being surrounded by women who are your cheerleaders.  Positivity is contagious.  Positivity multiplies.  Get out of that NEVER mode and begin to think NOW.

  1. The Universe listens to your commitment and passion and things begin to fall into place.  It’s time you put out into the Universe all of the positive things you want to happen.  Create the life that you want to live.  Create the future that you imagine for yourself.  Today is the time to step into that action.  We all want to feel in alignment; as if where we are right now is where we are supposed to be.  This 30 day mastermind will begin to shift your alignment and recharge your passion.

  1. REDUCED anxiety.  When we make a decision we release the pressure of should I or shouldn’t I.  How often do we question what we want or think too long and the moment passes for us to capitalize on something?  We have all been there and now here we are, deciding if it is NOW OR NEVER.

  1. You feel supported by yourself because you’ve DECIDED.  Choosing to live your life in the moment of NOW changes how you feel, act, and live your life.  YOU are putting your dreams into action.  YOU are creating changes that will not only affect how you live today but how you live tomorrow.  YOU are falling in love with your life.  YOU are continuing to grow as a woman.  YOU are looking fear in the face and laughing.  YOU are now holding all the power.

  1. CONFIDENCE.  Each time you say NOW your confidence shifts and you start doing the work.  You begin to believe in yourself. Confidence is a muscle.  It will not grow if you don’t use it so NOW is the time to do so.  Look in the mirror and say NOW IS THE TIME.  Watch as that smile doesn’t fade from your face.  Watch as the butterflies erupt in your belly.  Watch as that confidence begins to take over and transforms you.

Register for this 30 day NOW or NEVER movement right now.


Women are always putting others first.  

“ Once the kids are older, I will do that.”  

“ I don’t have time for that now.”  

“ My kids need me.”

“ No one is going to want that.”

How many excuses have you told yourself over the years?  How many more excuses are you going to allow you to tell yourself in the future years?  There is no more time to wait.  Women all over are beginning to step into their power.  Beginning to realize that their potential is bigger than they ever imagined and that now is the time to focus on themselves.  If you wait for your life to be perfect, you will be missing your opportunities because let’s face it…..


Life won’t wait for you and truly it shouldn’t. It’s happening every single day– and it’s beautiful.  Make time TODAY to say YES to the NOW OR NEVER movement.  You will ONLY ever regret saying NEVER.  

You will learn:

  • Daily action items to go from unsure to clarity.
  • Marketing strategies for YOUR business that will bring back the passion and get you the clients.
  • Setting up your business GPS to making sure your goals become a reality and the money comes in.
  • A group of like minded women who are nervous but stepping into their fear because they want their dreams NOW!

Register here to begin YOUR journey of NOW starting on August 27th.  Every day for 30 days, you will get 1 action item to propel your business, goals, and life into NOW.  You will be surrounded by women who are doing the same thing as you; digging deep, throwing away their fear, and becoming the woman that they know that they can be.  Don’t miss out on this FREE 30 day mastermind.  It will change YOUR life, YOUR business, and YOUR future.  NOW is the ONLY time that matters.

Turn up the music, click here, and begin your total transformation NOW.  I will see YOU on August 27th.  

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