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Order labs to get clear on where you are.

Direct discounted blood work and lab testing - no doctor required

Stop guessing and get clear by ordering a lab work panel through

Lab work gives you the information to make clear educated decisions about your health & well being and gives you a great tool to prevent a health catastrophe! 

Have you ever been working super hard on changing your health but the scale doesn’t move? It’s super frustrating and can totally take the fire out of you. When you are on a journey to make lifestyle changes, lab work can help you to authentically track changes happening in your body which can support you in making clear choices and stay motivated as you move forward.

Labs available include panels focused on:

Weight loss & metabolism
Thyroid health
Sex & energy
Healthy blood vessels

Or you can order individual and add ons from their custom lab options such as:

Mold toxicity
Heavy metals
Food sensitivities
Diabetes screening
Lyme Disease screening
Celiac screening
Blood type
AM Cortisol
Vitamin D

Giving you all the information you need to begin to make lifestyle choices and changes to support your health. 

To discuss where to start, contact me at or Once you receive your results, contact me for a complimentary consultation to discuss how we can work together to improve your health!


Direct discounted blood work and lab testing - no doctor required

**NOTE: I am not a physician or dietitian and I do not diagnose or prescribe. The lab work is provided by a direct access lab that I am affiliated with. You do not need to work with me to order your labs. I am a board certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and I can support you in offering guidance toward a healthier and happier life through whole food nutrition education, holistic supplements or oils, and lifestyle modifications. My work is not intended to replace that of a physician or dietitian though my work is complimentary to these models. Discuss all dietary, exercise, and supplement changes with your physician.

Direct discounted blood work and lab testing - no doctor required