Managing the changing world and your role in it

I’m sitting in my favorite chair, snuggled up, watching the sun rise. I smell my coffee and feel the coolness of the early fall air. I think about the heat of the summer and have fleeting thoughts of global warming. I think about my coffee and consider the rainforest being destroyed by demand of soy and beef. The world is changed forever. I pull my thoughts back. The seasons on this planet are changing. The seasons in my life are too.

It’s early September right now, the leaves are just beginning to change. It’s fresh outside after a long thunderstorm last night. I don’t remember storms like this here, not often. Not all summer long. A few years ago, I would have seen it as only a blessing, and now I keep thinking of how it’s likely promoting the growth of toxic mold all around us. It’s sometimes unfortunate how life experience changes your perspective. Perspective is everything.

As this planet, our societies, And our species keeps moving forward, life is changing at such an incredible pace. We are witnessing so much destruction of the world around us and violence among us. Can you imagine being a child today? There is so much to fear. So much unknown. Being told your planet is under duress when you are so helpless to make a difference? Being told that the end of the world is coming? At 12? It’s no wonder that so many children struggle with anxiety. Right?

So, as I sit here this morning, pondering both the fate of the world and the blessings and opportunities I have on my personal path, I consider the actions I’ve taken and which I can do more of. I consider my choices and how they affect me and the world around me.

~ The food I eat – can it be traced back to sustainable and healthy farming practices? What containers does it come in or am i choosing food that doesn’t need a package? What does it take to prepare this food? How far do I have to go to get it? Am I eating less meat than vegetables and fruits? (Want to know why this makes a difference? Read THIS ARTICLE)

~ The driving I do – am I taking less trips? Do I try to do multiple errands on a single trip? Am I finding ways to drive less? What vehicle do I choose to drive and is it both good for my safety and for the world around me? (I’ll admit, this is a weak spot for us)

~ The drinks I consume – how much plastic and processing is involved in getting that to me?

~ The makeup and skincare I use – chemically laden? Is it both bad for me and what sort of impact might it have in the water system?

~ The clothes I wear – are they made of natural fibers so they can break down in the water or am I choosing fabrics filled with plastics and other materials that are breaking down into the water and environment?

~ The cleaning products I use – just how horrible are they? Am I using harsh, abrasive, cancer causing chemicals in my home? Laying poison on every surface to kill the germs?

~ Consumption – Do I purchase only what I need or do I purchase a lot of everything, just because I want it. How does that impact the entire system?

~ Landscaping – Do I spray my yard or around my home to kill pests, poison mice, and kill weeds? This is hands down one of the worst habits we have as a species. The impact of the poison on the earth lasts for years after a single spray and yet those weeds will be back next year. STOP SPRAYING.

~ Energy, WiFi, satellite, gas, water. All of it. Do I take it for granted? Am I turning it off more and using less?

I’m learning. Looking inward and working to make changes. Always. I’m so far from perfect – especially when I’m busy – but I am truly learning.

As I get older, I am finding my boundaries with information that comes into my mind. I am pulling back from social media except when I am in working hours. I want to be in control of what I keep in that house (my brain). I’m finding I’m choosing healthier even though it doesn’t magically make me the skinny young woman I once was. I am reaching for more nature because it makes me happier. I’m always working on balance between the career I love so much and my beautiful life.

Changing seasons, everywhere around us. It’s a season of transformation – where we slow down to notice the abundance of harvest and celebrate the results of our hard work. It’s a season of reflection and for preparation for the winter coming. Maybe, the latter is in more ways than one.

As I look at the changes in front of us all, I step further into my choices. The impacts of my personal choices are great – from the farmers to the transportation – to the local economy – to my table – to the waste bin – to the ground that our trash is piled into. We do play a role and our choices do matter immensely. Every single one of us. You, me, the kids. We all have an impact.

I find that the more choices I am personally making that are in alignment with what I know is right, better for the planet, the healthier I am, the less stressed I am about it, too. Why? Because it gives me both a sense of ownership and control. I feel like it makes a difference. When my children raise concern, I encourage them to take action too, so they both know they can truly make a difference. I give them the legacy of responsibility because there is peace to be found in such ownership.

So perhaps, another thing that you can I can be doing is raising responsible and compassionate children.

There are a lot of resources available to learn more about how our choices impact the planet and not just our health. Will you be a part of the solution?

Here is a list of GREAT resources to learn more about how you can make a difference.

John Robbins, Diet for a New America is a great book that goes into the impact of our food choices on both us and the planet.

Gay Brown’s Living With a Green Heart discusses changes you can make in your life for you and the planet.

Plus, you’ll find LOTS of healthy and green products from food to fashion on my MomPositive store here:

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