Healthy Protein Bars in a Jiffy

It’s one of those afternoons when everything is a flurry. I’ve just hung up from a summit interview (I can’t wait to tell you more about this one!) and am running to get things done before we leave for taekwondo for the evening. Most days are like this on some level, but today, especially so.

Then my son hits me with, can I make myself a snack?

Everything in my head comes to a screeching halt!

This can be especially dangerous since he will seek out the honey or maple syrup and douse what ever he can find with it. He’s a bit of a sweet-a-holic.

It hit me that I’d just gotten a bag of protein bar mix yesterday, so I quickly replied, “naw, I’ll whip something together for you. You’ll love it – trust me.” Praying I could hold my promise with a good tasting treat, I sent him off to work on a school project and dove right into the bag.

Seemed easy enough.

1 bag of Creation Nation Bar mix
1/2 cup liquid
1/2 cup fat or oil
1/4 cup sweetener

Mash, refrigerate, eat.

YES! I can do this! (So can you!!)

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I just so happened to go to a near by organic farm just two days ago and have on hand local raw honey. (Sweetener) I also recently bought some vegan yogurt in a tube. (Liquid) AND… I have ghee (fat) because I cook with it on a regular basis.

So, mix and mash away I did!

This is a no bake treat mix, so as I’m mixing all this together, I’m thinking about the benefits of it. Time saving, raw enzymes from the honey, amazing organic whole food ingredients in the mix, (not to mention 12 grams of protein!) the healthy fat in the ghee, and the fruit in the vegan yogurt. This is a deal maker!

Mix and mash until all of the dried ingredients are moistened. Since I use a large fork for most of my mixing, it took some muscles for real. The result is a sticky thick dough. You can spread this into a pan and press it down to make raw protein bars or spoon out to make balls. I made balls and set them into tiny silicone cupcake tray then pressed a fresh strawberry into the top. I drizzled them with a bit of the raw honey. I placed the entire batch into the fridge for an hour. They will keep in the fridge for up to a week this way.

The finished result? Protein balls, raw snack, raw protein ball, strawberry

Well, let’s just say they won’t last long!

This is a perfect way for my son to get healthy nutrient dense snack and plenty of protein, as an athlete, he needs to eat plenty of calories in a day and he’s not a fan of meat, so I’m always looking for easy but healthy ways to get him enough to be sure he has what he needs for both energy and growth.

It’s also a perfect snack for me, something quick and easy to grab on the go – which really is the story of my life!

If you try Creation Nation bar mix, snap a photo of your own creation and share it with me! I’d love to see how you use this tasty mix in your own way!


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