Health Coach Week Begins!

seek-a-health-coachToday marks the beginning of Health Coach Week. This week I’ll share with you more about what I do and my journey as a Health Coach.

In 2009, I began a journey that completely changed my life. I knew I needed to make some drastic changes – my career being one of them – but I never knew how it would completely change my life – forever. I am standing in the 6th year of the best years of my life. My health, my relationships, my creativity, my happiness is standing at a 12 of 10 (10 being the best ever..) I will always celebrate this one decision in my life.

Choosing to attend The Institute for Integrative Nutrition. #IINHealthCoach.

Today, I support busy women all over the world in reaching their dreams in health, lifestyle & business. In my time as a coach, I have owned and operated a healing center, written and published 5 books, been featured on all sorts of media (Internationally), been interviewed for summits and radio shows, and the doors stand wide open for what will come next. It’s a fulfilling and happy life.

Ten years ago…I was the quiet, exhausted, overrun, depressed, sick corporate life Mom who never used her own voice to stand for what she believed in and always put her own well being very, very last – as there was “no time” to take care of me.

Do you need to take action in your life to make way for a change in your own life? Why are you waiting? Comment below to share what changes you could make that you know would forever change your life in a positive way and what holds you back from making those changes.

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