Healer, Heal Thyself – A Peek Into A Health Coach’s Life

I’ve been a board certified health coach for going on a decade this year.

It’s been one of the most fulfilling journey’s I’ve taken in my life.

Next to my husband and children, this has been the best decision I’ve ever made.

Can you say that about your career? I sure hope so.

I started late, you see, I came into this industry out of need. When I was 36, I was sick, miserable, depressed, overweight, and… did I say miserable? It was 2008. The housing industry crashed. My husband was losing his job of 22 years. Things were changing for us. We had a two year old and a seventeen year old. Yep, one in diapers, and one in college. We were juggling our hobby farm, the care of our acreage and our home (the house that we built with our own hands), our corporate blue collar jobs, and our kids. In those days, I was working out very early in the morning, eating the average standard American diet, and struggling constantly with how I felt. If you’ve read my book, you know that there are many layers to this story, and that it was late in 2008 when I began to do a lot of soul searching. A different kind of soul searching I had done in my teens. Not a pity party or an existential crisis, but a “what if” sort of soul searching. Something in me “clicked”. I’d had enough of the pain and feeling out of control.

In this time, almost all the concepts I teach today were brand new to me. I was excited, learning, unfolding, evolving. I began to heal physically and emotionally. My life began to change. It was incredible.

Over the years, I was given the gift of working with beautiful people from all walks of life. I opened my eyes and began to see the world in a new way. I learned about the food industry, the spiritual industry, and even the industries that help us move through emotions and across fears. There are so many ways a person can be of service. For a couple of years, I owned a healing center. I began to teach coaches for The Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I wrote and designed books. I developed and launched a retail product. I taught people online and in person. I was featured in summits, on radio shows, and in articles in print and online. I was published both in print and online. I earned layers of certificates and diplomas in varying related disciplines. The ongoing learning fed my soul and curiosity. What an adventure! I was thriving! We were making great strides in our lives, financially, emotionally, and spiritually. Life was good!!

A few years ago, we sold our hobby farm. It was with the intention to get our boy closer to his taekwondo gym, to ease the commute for my husband, and to use our equity to move to the next level of our lives. In the time of moving out of our farm, my immune system took a bit of a hit and shortly there after, I was exposed to (at the time, I didn’t realize this is what had happened) toxic mold. It sent me spiraling down a rabbit hole of unexplained misery, filled with chronic migraines, body and joint pain, and unexplained weight gain. Being a very well educated health couch, I found myself cycling in and out of guilt, feeling defeated, and a massive amount of “fraud” factor. My body was cycling the toxins, I would feel good for about a week, then I would have an episode that would shut me down for three days. I was so frustrated with not knowing what to do. I tried working with a variety of physicians, specialists, and went through a variety of tests from blood work to MRI. There were no answers from traditional medicine.

This brings me to today.

I just identified what happened to my body this past December and while the diagnosis was relieving (it’s NOT in my head), I have a long way to go to get back to where I was. There will be many moving pieces to this part of my journey. I’ve already written in past posts about some of the factors that play a role in my healing and a few things that I learned about toxic mold and it’s effect on our body. My personal journey has just begun and I have a lot of work to do on me.

This healer has come to the point where it’s time she works with great focus on herself.

In order for me to be the very best I can be for you, my tribe, I will be pulling back for the summer to do my own work.

During this time, ofcourse, I will still be on Facebook and Instagram. You’ll find me working alongside my husband as he continues the first full year in his construction business. You’ll see me on the bleachers of my son’s gym and on airplanes as we travel around the States. You’ll find me serving on the board of my son’s new charter school. But more often, you’ll find me in my basement gym working on my own body, in my kitchen cooking healing food, in my favorite chair digging into the pile of books I’ve gathered this past decade about healing, and on my yoga mat reconnecting to my spirit and the universe. I’ll be journaling, thinking, listening, maybe creating. I’ll be scrapbooking and coloring because creativity is like magic for me. I’ll be hiking, walking, stretching, and doing planks. You’ll find me with green smoothies in my hand and watercress in my fridge. I’ll be taking my supplements and checking in with my naturopath. I’ll be avoiding crowds and looking for peaceful wilderness. I’ll be attending classes I’ve always wanted to attend, having coffee with friends, and sitting in the sun because I can.

Then, in August, I will be back. Refreshed, hopefully healed, and stronger than ever.

You see, I’m sharing this because I really want you to be able to recognize that we are all HUMAN and we all can benefit from pulling back, taking a break, hiding and regathering ourselves. It’s okay that things are hard sometimes – don’t try to avoid the hard, try to focus on just finding your way to the other side. I hope that by sharing with you that I am real and that I too struggle sometimes, that I inspire you to not be afraid to take care of you, in whatever way you need to right now. What ever that looks like is perfect.

With this, I leave you for the warm days. I’ll be writing my newest book, but will not be writing here – just for the summer.

Until next time friends,

Be well.

Xxoo Tammi

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