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Your skin is like a lie detector. It tells the world what is going on inside your body. It’s the mirror of your inner skin.

Not only does our skin show how we are taking care of our selves, it shows what you are trying to hide all of your choices with. You know – skin care and makeup.

Harsh, right?

But it’s true.

Your skin is an organ that protects all of your miraculous inner body organs and tissues from the outside world. Imagine what we’d look like without this beautiful cover!

Our skin care regimen is just as important as eating nutritious foods and drinking plenty of clean water. It doesn’t need to be complicated, but using pure cleansers and makeup is imperative.

Your skin absorbs what you put on it and brings all of it into your body for your body to process, organize, and deliver or excrete.

If you put healing tonics on your skin, (think lavender essential oil mixed with a bit of coconut oil), your body will not only heal on the surface but your body will take this soothing and healing elements within and it will heal surrounding tissues and organs. Pretty cool, right?

However, if you are spraying your plants with toxic herbicides or pesticides and the spray back catches in the wind and lands on your legs or arms, it absorbs into your skin and not only may visibly irritate but absorbs into your tissues and blood stream and your body gets to deal with that!

Consider your lotion, your body wash, your shampoo, your foundation, eye shadows, and bubble bath. What ingredients are you putting on your skin? What could the potential fall out be?

Ingredients to watch for include:



Sodium laurel sulfate






This is just the beginning, if you can eliminate product choices with these ingredients, you are greatly reducing your exposure to harmful ingredients. Some of these are considered carcinogens, some cause learning disorders, some damage the environment.

It can be tricky to locate skin care you can trust. I understand.

I read every label, and while it takes a bit longer, I have greater peace when I take out the time to look. I’ve also noticed that purchasing only natural products feels different than buying the every day mass produced chemical stuff. It feels like I’m treating myself with something special. You know… like extreme self care.

This past week, I received the gift of a lovely face scrub that was completely small batch hand made. It’s made with only a few ingredients such as incredibly nourishing sweet almond oil and sugar and is all natural.

I tried it first on my hands, then on my face, as my face is incredibly sensitive and I’m always cautious what I put on it. I fell in love the moment I opened the jar. I was surrounded with a lovely light fresh scent. Pulling just a little from the jar, I felt the fine granules of sugar. Rubbing onto lightly wet skin, I noticed immediately the stimulation on the skin as my skin turned light pink.

This exfoliation process removes old dead skin and stimulates new cell growth – can you say anti-aging?!

Rinsing only with warm water, your skin is soft, smooth, and lightly moisturized.

This product is well put together and is the perfect example of what I’m looking for when I shop for my skin care products.

This small batch hand made face scrub is divine!

Simple, clean ingredients make a for glowing healthy skin when partnered with a healthy nutrient dense diet and plenty of water!

To get your own small batch, hand made sugar scrub just for your sweet face, you can find it on Amazon here: SWEET FACE by Levity & Co.

If you try it, I’d love to hear what you think!

Xxoo, Tammi

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