Food & Thoughts for Fall


I love this time of year. The mornings are cool, sweet, fresh and are followed by hot long quiet days. Nature is preparing to slumber. The celebration of harvest in our modern way hangs in the air and seems to sweeten the demeanor of the world.

I am reminded of our land, the chickens, our pack of dogs, the collection of cats, the trees we planted, and our ever immense overflowing (and often overwhelming) garden. When I visit the farmer’s market this time of year I am filled with a sense of peace, abundance, and happiness unlike any other time of year. I miss our home in the country and look forward to recreating a country home again.

The leaves are just starting to change here in Colorado and we are personally also going through a form of transformation and release. In our new little apartment, I am spending a lot of time grateful as I continue to remove the layers of 20 years of stuff. Stuff from my kids, stuff from my crafts, stuff from book collecting, old clothes stuff, fabric stuff, curtains, rugs, towels, tools, animal stuff, …. so much stuff. I’m so happy that we chose an apartment over a camper. We’d have been really struggling. Our apartment is just 1,000 square feet which in comparison to our over 3400 square foot house with a yard and garage has been a bit of a shock, but we do like it here. We rented storage space to hold the stuff while we sort through it, sell what we can, donate what we can and toss the rest. We will be forever changed by this process, in a good way. 

As you step into the season of Fall, I invite you to look around. Notice where you are in your home environment, in your workplace – what physical things do you need to release in order to make way for what you desire in your life? Look within to identify emotional baggage that you are needing to put down and leave behind as you step into this season of change and release. 

The Fall season is followed by a season of rest. Despite our cultural habits, we need to also follow our season of change with rest. Look ahead to the winter months to block out dates for time off. Plan days to sleep in and to give room for reflection and self-care. 

I’m ready for this. Are you? 

Sending sweet thoughts, 


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