Everything at Once – Being a Self-Published Author

Have you ever had a project that is rooted in your deepest passions weigh on your heart? What’s stopping you? Read on to learn about a beautiful young woman who chose to follow her passion project and bring it to life in this world. I have so many words I could share about this and her book, but I’ll have Audrey share for herself!
Everything at Once – Being a Self-Published Author
By: Audrey Emmett, author of Everything at Once
It was in the midst of the summer before my eighth-grade year when the words took hold of me. They wriggled their way into my heart, planting themselves there and blooming into the most beautiful blessing. It was as if my wish had been granted before I had even prayed for it. The sentences flowed through me effortlessly. But I was so naive. I had no way of knowing that this was just the beginning of a love affair that would plunge me into a world of art, creativity, and spirituality, unlike anything I had ever experienced. 
I am ridiculously lucky to have found my passion this early in life. My relationship with creativity is one of the deepest and healthiest I have experienced in my life. Any success I am blessed with in this life, I owe to the creativity that lives within my soul. 
Writing Everything at Once was a beautiful experience. In the dawn of the book (more than three years ago), poems were just pieces, no idea they were going to fit together into a little puzzle of stories. Everything at Once snuck up on me. Writing a book always seemed like a far-off dream, something I might do. Someday. And then came a wonderfully ordinary day in February. When I just did it. There’s really no better way to do anything, in my opinion. I just started. Because, if not now, then when? Someday is fictional. It doesn’t exist. The only thing that is real is this moment. So I picked that moment to be the conception of my dream. 
I had been writing poems and little stories for almost three years at that time, posting them to my writing account on Instagram (@thewordsinmymind). I am so thankful for those years. I knew writing was what I liked to do, but hearing other writers’ feedback, criticism, and gracious compliments affirmed what I had always known deep down: It was what I am meant to do. It is my soul’s purpose.
Writing this book, though sometimes a bit frustrating, taught me what it meant to be not just a writer but an author. Self-publishing added another level of self-discipline, as well. No one was telling me what to do or how to do it, I didn’t have a deadline nor a literary agent getting my name out there. There were both advantages and disadvantages to this. I was able to work at my own pace, I had complete creative control, but sometimes there were questions that no one could answer but me. 
Another new experience that self-publishing included was collaborating with insanely talented illustrators (@liannsun and @flowsofly on Instagram) that were nothing short of a joy to work with. Their art created an opportunity to tell the stories that Everything at Once holds in a completely new way. The way they play with simple lines is magnificent. Each piece is utterly breathtaking. 
As poems and art slowly started to fit into one another, beginning to resemble a book, I ran into roadblocks, writer’s block, amongst other obstacles. But giving up never even crossed my mind. How could I possibly abandon my dream, my book? I had poured my heart and soul into these pages. I know people say that a lot, but, oh my goodness, this book contains my entire soul. When I crack it open, it breathes like me. I recognize it. It’s mine.
Or, rather, it was mine. I had always found it amusing when artists called their creations their babies. But creating something that looks so much like you, that you have cradled in your arms, cried with, something that you love so deeply, something that you made with everything in you is hard to let go of. But, when this dream came to a close, I knew this was a beginning of an entirely new journey. I knew these pages were ready to stare up at someone else’s face. 
This was scary in the best possible way. The fact that I was going to be baring my soul to whoever wanted to read it was (and still is) crazy to think about. Being vulnerable is one of the scariest things about being human. My mind, my soul, and my past are all exposed within the pages of this book. But I would not have it any other way. If I can connect with one person, despite the proximity, despite the laws of time and space, that will be enough for me. 
The night of November 24th, 2017 was life-changing. Seeing orders for Everything at Once flood in was so humbling, so surreal. My heart overflowed with gratitude. I don’t think it’s stopped ever since. 
There are so many beautiful things to be in this life, but, in my biased opinion, being an artist is one of the most rewarding. Not financially, but in the way it makes you feel. In the way it makes your soul dance. If you surrender to creativity, those words, or that paint, or that film, will wriggle their way into your heart. They will plant themselves there. And they will bloom. And you will spend the rest of your life thanking the heavens for the blessings they will bring. 
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