Dandelion Tea and cycling through detox

I write this post from my desk, reflecting while sipping on a mug of dandelion root tea, softened with almond milk and sweetened with stevia. The earthy aroma makes it’s way toward my nose, warm and deep, calling me to center. Typically, I don’t make my own tea, rather use a lovely herbal blend called Dandy Blend. As I’m sitting here enjoying the aroma, I ponder how such a useful, healing, plant became considered a pesky weed. Really, we are curious creatures aren’t we? Trading in a plant that seasonally treats us to a natural detox and supports our body in so many ways for grass. *sigh.

Anyway, I digress.

This year has been a significant and eye opening year for my own healing. The deep dive I’ve taken into understanding what happened to me after I was unknowingly exposed to mold has been educational to say the least. While it’s really been a disruption on my path as a health coach, mom, wife, and friend, it’s also been quite revealing. This sickness has brought to light some choices and habits that I have been consistently making that caused my immune system to falter as many as three years ago, which is what paved the way for the system crash that I ultimately experienced.

My body couldn’t get rid of the toxic mold residue, creating what I now understand is a condition called CIRS – an acronym for Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome. To read more about my journey learning about and overcoming this status in my body, visit my blog post series focused on battling mold Battling Toxic Mold and The First Steps To Getting Over Toxic Mold Exposure or even The First Steps To Getting Over Toxic Mold Exposure.

One of the choices I’ve taken on recently is to support my body in it’s natural process of detox by cycling through repeated detoxes based in whole and natural foods. I did extensive research, using my education to guide me, but also trusting my intuition to lead me, and found one in particular that really resonated for me. I don’t often tout other coaches products, but this one, I’m a big fan of and I want to share it with you! It’s Green Smoothie Girl, Robyn Openshaw’s 26 Day Detox Program. This program is so well put together that I never felt hungry, was able to achieve the meal plan during my busiest days, and enjoyed the fun and flavorful recipes. I felt the changes within days, eliminating joint pain, reducing the migraines I was constantly suffering from, and supporting the release of 10 pounds.

I’m currently on my second run with it, finding that this time around it, in some ways, is easier and in some more difficult. (Referring to my focus more than anything.) I intend to continue them, at least a few days every month, resetting my body using the principles of the diet as a foundation and recipes as my anchor.

As I have committed to the repeated detoxes, I’ve notice first that when I’m not on the detox, my every day food choices have been easier to make, cleaner, and actually easier to prepare. (All that food prep practice!)

While I did lose weight in my first few months of doing this, I’m not focusing on weight as much as just breaking bad habits and replacing them with good while I work hard to heal my own body. I consider the weight a positive side effect.

The hope of all of this is that with the heightened focus on my health and corrected habits I’d picked up, that my health (and happiness) will improve over the year. Reducing my weight back to my natural healthiest weight and relieving me of the collection of symptoms that mold toxicity and CIRS brought me.

It feels good to be on this side of the journey, looking back is humbling and real. A bitter sweet reminder just how important my health is to me.

Want to join me in my detox journey? Check out Robyn Openshaw’s Detox program and her other offerings here: Green Smoothie Girl Detox.

You can watch one of her incredible videos here:

Why Detox is Better Than Dieting
video link: https://bd272.isrefer.com/go/detoxweightloss/a1700/



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