Buffalo & Peas Gluten Free Tacos

This super fun healthy rendition of tacos was featured on my personal table last night.

The meat and peas are from the farmer’s market.

Since the farmer’s market is open for the season, I’ve been expanding what we eat by what is local and available.

Buffalo is pretty available in Colorado regularly, but it’s fun to pick it up at the market where you can talk to the ranchers. Buffalo is one of those foods that you wont find factory farmed. They are not well domesticated animals so old fashioned open range ranches are it. The meat is super lean, and because they are grass fed and kept in pasture, it’s from animals that have a pretty natural life and have full free range and sun exposure. The ranch that shows up at the farmer’s market is offering all forms of cuts from steak to summer sausage and they even have dog treats. If I am going to eat meat, it’s going to be meat that is raised this way.

I also used cassava and coconut tortillas to allow myself a wrap for my meal and topped it with a deliciously flavored mild salsa from Casa de Sante.

The meal was partnered with cucumbers mixed with sea salt and fresh dill and a dollop of potato salad. (The potato salad itself is not low carb. Skip that if you want low carb.)

The result is fresh, light, filling, healthy.

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