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I became an Ambassador for The Institute for Integrative Nutrition because I believe so much in the mission of the school, creating a Ripple Effect of Health & Happiness around the world. What a great thing to be a part of!

I am incredibly honored to be able to offer the opportunity of attending this school to you! I believe in my heart of hearts that Moms make the world go round, we are the hearth of the home, the shoppers, the caregivers, the decision makers in millions of homes around the world. Not only do we deserve to live a happy and healthy life, but we can be a part of the ripple and make a difference in our own schools, communities, and families.

I want to share with you a taste of this amazing school through an amazing FREE resource. Courtesy of IIN. 

This 6 Month Road Map is an incredible resource that will help you to step into your healthiest self!


Are you curious? 

That’s where your journey starts! 

As a student at Integrative Nutrition, you will have the opportunity to take part in a unique program and design a career that suits you and your unique life!

What would your life look like if you were in the driver’s seat? 



Because I believe in this school so much, I am offering you as a NEW STUDENT time with me as a mentor and guide. Upon enrollment, you will receive TWO full hours of my time (VALUE OF $250.00!) to talk about and work through your vision and future goals and intentions, to answer questions, and to be your cheer leader AND take advantage of my EXCLUSIVE AMBASSADOR SAVINGS OFFER! 

What are you waiting for? Call the number above, and tell them I sent you to take advantage of this amazing offer! 

To learn more about becoming a Health Coach, CONTACT ME at



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