Bat Snacks … with Options

Getting kids to eat healthy is a trick all in itself!

The trick is making it fun, creating a small personal investment for your kiddo. For instance, getting them involved in gardening is shown to increase their desire to eat vegetables, letting them help in the kitchen has been shown to do the same. Have you tried either of these? To what result? 

As you know, my son is very involved in our lifestyle. He helps with everything; cooking, cleaning, gardening, and collecting eggs. He also eats pretty well for me. Now and again there is resistance, and it makes me very excited when I can find another way to to persuade him to cave and eat what I make.

Today, I’m sharing a different quick and easy tip to get healthy food into your kiddos, in a fun and Halloween festive way!

We’re gonna make Bat Snacks!

You’ll need:

Cookie cutter in Halloween shape – I chose a Bat.

You’ll want two or three gluten free tortillas (or regular if that’s what you have, you can also substitute gluten free or whole grain toast)


Romaine Lettuce, Tomato, Green Chili Goat Cheese


Almond Butter, banana


Cut shape out of tortilla.

Layer ingredients – smear first, then top. Your kids will love piecing together their own bats from a variety of components. You can offer sweet peppers, olives, celery or carrots for legs…etc.


A fun and healthy snack or appetizer! 

Bat Snacks

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