Apple Cider Vinegar for Pets

I’ve had pets my whole life. Hamsters, cats, dogs, chickens, a cow, turtles, and even a few parakeets. I love them and empathize with them. I am the official pet whisperer in my family.

This was fine when we lived on 35 acres, as I took in every stray, gave them medical help, spayed or neutered them, then released them with option of staying.Some stayed, many went on their way, but at least I knew they had a better chance and wouldn’t over populate.

It’s a lifestyle I miss deeply and pray one day to recreate.

In town, there are heavy controls on animals and it shows. Rarely do you see a cat outside, we have rats running around the parking lots instead. Dogs are to be leashed, spayed or neutered, and limited numbers. There are many good reasons, but in trying to gain control over everything, there is definitely an imbalance in the city. (How did I get to this?! Back on track..)

One of my cats seems to attract ear mites. In the country, cross contamination with skunks, mice, and fox seemed to be the reason and for years we treated with over the counter medicated topical. Over time, she developed cauliflower ear, which is the result of repeated infection and scratching and potentially the damage of dangerous insecticides. (I’m a slow learner!)

As I learned about natural well being for people, I began to also discover natural care for the animals as well, reducing side effects, improving life quality and length, in most cases.

Today, I’m writing this because my sweet Cricket once again has ear mites. At 17, she’s a beautiful long haired grey kitty, but when these darn things settle in, she’s miserable.

I am not sure where she got them, since we are in town and she’s 100% in doors now. She could be mousing, I suppose, as there is a mouse issue for sure in the apartments we are living in. (And rats. I’ve seen them. They are as big as my dog. All 5 pounds of her!)

But as I pull out my go to treatment for these darn mites, It occurred to me that I might share this natural magic with you.

Ear mites can be incredibly uncomfortable for animals and should be treated early. They are also incredibly contagious. You can tell your animal has them if they are scratching their ears a lot or if your animal has scratches behind their ears. My cats will act like you can’t rub their ears hard enough.

If you catch them early enough, it wont be a big deal, but if you wait, you will want to be sure to be super vigilant and probably just stop in to your local vet for help.

I use Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar mixed with warm water, 50/50.

I will dip a cotton ball in this mixture and, with a little help of someone holding her, clean the inside of the ears as much as possible. (DO NOT USE QTIPS, only clean the external parts, no need to dig as this can and will cause damage to their ears!) This is NOT fun for them, so hold on tight. I do this once or twice a day over three days.

Be sure to vacuum your carpet well daily during treatment and wash any blankets, sheets, and rugs that you can to reduce the chances of re-infestation.

I also use a small amount of ACV once or twice a month in their food to prevent UTI and internal parasites. (Along with feeding natural wet food instead of dry).

ACV helps to break down bladder blockages, crystals, and reduces bacteria along the urinary tract.

Just like with humans, animals can benefit from a natural approach to health and well being.

Things to consider when considering the health of your pet include:


Fresh Air

Clean water

Natural Whole Foods



Once upon a time, these were a given, but these days, all of these might be lacking for your pet causing imbalance and the root to disease – just like for you and me.

Enjoy your pets,

Xxoo Tammi

*This post is not meant to replace the care of a qualified veterinarian. If your animal is showing signs of illness, please bring them to your vet for diagnosis and proper treatment where they can help you to determine best care, holistic or otherwise.

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