“Just wanted to give a shout out to Tammi Hoerner for her awesome 2 week sugar detox. I learned a lot and retrained my palate- some things are just too yucky sweet now. I had a sip of my beloved Diet Coke at the end and it didn’t taste good anymore. Lost a few pounds and identified some sources of sugar that will be easy to cut out- amongst them the brand of Greek yogurt we have been eating, flavored soy milk, and *gasp* Campbell’s tomato soup. You should try it the next time she does it- anyone can do something like this for 2 weeks. The online forum is very supportive and informative.” – Dr. Sara Cheng, Spring 2017

“The greatest thing I learned was about the hidden sugars in everything” – Robyn Van Dyke

“I’ve been doing really well! I don’t know how many grams of sugar I’ve been having bc I don’t eat packaged foods. I’ve been staying away from condiments except for mustard and olive oil and vinegar. I did have two margaritas yesterday for national margarita day and I ended up with a horrible migraine! Not sure how much sugar are in those things but it messed me up. I’ve been sleeping great which is awesome bc before starting this I hadn’t had a good night’s sleep in months. I have a ton of energy that’s been noticed at work because I’ve received feedback that I seem more confident and energetic. I’ve really been wanting to go work out but I still need to find time in between work and my 5 kids, it’s a constant struggle. The best part is that I’ve been having to monitor my blood pressure at home because it’s been consistently high for about a year (around 140/100 on average). I took my pressure last night at the same time I always do and it was 117/76!!!” – Daisy – Spring 2017 program

I lost at least 8 lbs and haven’t gained it back… Have more energy, think about candy sometimes but remember how great I feel now. My allergies are less severe. Thank you for helping me with my sugar addiction, I’m recovering!” – Jennifer Campbell

“I think the thing that was the most beneficial was doing it with a group and not wanting to “drop out”!! I also like the fact that once you get going you really don’t miss it….and stating it to other people validates it. “No thanks I am on a sugar detox”” – Jean McLoughlin

“The Detox was great! I gained back my focus on reading labels. My craving are significantly diminished and I feel more energy! I would recommend this program to anyone looking to get sugar out of their diet and lose the cravings! Your energy will soar! Thanks Tammi!” – Gina Ledwith

“The impact was so positive, I knew I probably would be able to refrain from candy, desserts etc but I was amazed that I was able to have coffee without Splenda. I also am trying to make this a new way of life without sugar. While I know there will be times when I will succumb to temptation this detox has made me so much more aware of my intake of sugar, It’s not something I need, it’s something I want, if I keep that in mind I will do fine.” – Andrean Jerger

15 Day Sugar Detox Header


Feeling sluggish, heavy, foggy, and having trouble losing weight? 


Sugar is everywhere and it’s in almost everything we consume. 

In fact, a recent Discovery article expresses “According to 2012 statistics compiled by the U.S. Agriculture Department, the keeper of the statistics on America’s sweet tooth, the grand total amount of sugar consumed by the average American is 76.7 pounds every year. That breaks down to 22 teaspoons of sugar a day per person.” That’s alot of sugar!

Unfortunately, it’s also extremely addictive. (there’s the big a word) Get this, from the same article referenced above, “Eating high-sugar foods lights up your brain on an MRI in the same areas that are triggered by cocaine or heroin, according to research by Dr. David Ludwig, director of the New Balance Foundation Obesity Prevention Center at Boston Children’s Hospital.

His findings support earlier research on rats that showed how addictive the sweet stuff can be. A 2007 study in the journal PLOS1 that showed that 94 percent of rats that were allowed to choose between sugar water and cocaine, chose sugar.

Even rats who were addicted to cocaine switched their preference to sugar, once it was offered as a choice.”

Sugar is NOT harmless, in fact, our mass consumption is quite dangerous! 

  • Sugar can impair the brain’s ability to learn new things
  • Refined sugar is linked to Hair Loss
  • and ADHD
  • as well as Cardiovascular disease
  • and depression
  • and obesity
  • and metabolic syndrome
  • and colon and pancreatic cancer
  • and breakouts and skin irritation
  • and manic depression
  • oh yeah, there’s more…
  • dizziness
  • and allergies
  • and diabetes
  • there’s more, but we could go on all day!

It’s time to GET OFF OF IT, don’t you think? Me too! 

As we dive right into the holiday season, we both know our consumption will probably increase rather than decrease. So, in order to get this season started off right, I’m offering a 15 day Sugar Detox beginning March 15th. .

What’s included:

  • A FaceBook Community where you can connect me, meet others, get support, and share your journey 
  • 2 Sets of Shopping lists, one for each week
  • 2 Sets of Recipes that include ideas for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the duration of the detox
  • Ideas for whole food-based sweet treats
  • Education, direction, guidance, and support from me
  • Life FB video and chats!
  • Replays will be posted on the FB group!

This group is already filling quickly! I will NOT host another detox this Spring!


Take back your health, have fun doing it! Purchase your ticket below! 

ALL FOR ONLY $30.00!!! 


After you send over your payment, email me at

so I can send you the link to the group on Facebook!