Are your clients asking for recipes? 
Are your clients looking for the support of a meal plan?
Why reinvent the wheel?……..  I’ve done all the work for you!

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B2B Meal Plan templates are:
  • Flexatarian and made for every family going through a healing food transition. 
  • Gluten and Dairy Free
  • Created to simplify the process of change
  • Offer frequent basic cooking instruction – (including how to boil an egg)
  • Created to support your six month program, so in time your client will be supported in independent action.
 Guacatuna Wraps
B2B Meal plan template allows you to:
  • Personalize with your own business name and logo
  • Make changes according to your approach in coaching and ideals around food
  • Save lots of time, a single meal plan can take 4 – 6 hours to complete in full
  • Fully support your clients where they are today
B2B Meal Plan templates include:
  • Meal plan matrix
  • Blank matrix for client to create his/her own plan
  • Pantry stock basics
  • Shopping List
  • Easy to follow Recipes
  • Budget friendly foundation
  • Easy to understand list of gluten free grains
  • 52 weeks of meal plans that include breakfast, lunch, dinner and padding for leftovers
  • Gluten Free Resource List – So your clients know where to find the best ingredients
 VALUE? OVER $349.00!!! 

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These meal plans are content rich, easy to use, made to support you and your clients! 
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See what Health Coaches are saying! –
    Lori Cunningham shares, I wanted to let you know that I’m really enjoying the meal plans. I’ve been using them for my own family and we’ve shaved off $500 of our monthly grocery bill! The recipes are delicious and a breeze to make. My husband loves that I’m cooking more (meaning he doesn’t get the dreaded phone call at 4pm asking for dinner ideas) and I love that I have a plan! I’m not throwing away as much food either. Thank you so much for offering this and at such a reasonable price! Now I’m even more excited to offer them to clients because I’ll be able to say how beneficial they’ve been to my own family.”  You will find more about Lori at

Kari Schmitz says, “Tammi-I purchased this a couple days ago and just have to say how blown away I am!! I am so excited to use this with my clients, thanks for all the awesome work!!! xoxo”- You can learn more about Kari at

 “I am so happy with my purchase and what was included. I am building it into my coaching and having a meal plan membership option for others. Thank you” – Carrie Swain. You can learn more about Carrie at Mindful Wellness With Carrie Swain!

   Randi Dukoff says: “I use them and love them, and more importantly my clients are having sustainable, positive results. They love them (The Meal Plans) and so do I!” Randi is a the Founder of Core and More Health & Fitness Coaching and is a Corporate Wellness Expert! 

   Gina Maffiore says,” Tammi’s meal plans are awesome, friends, and very comprehensive. I love that I now have this service to offer to my clients. This is an area where I’m not that experienced and Tammi’s meal plans make it so easy for me to offer to my clients who are always asking for meal planning. Thank you Tammi! :)” Gina is a Family Health Coach you can learn more about her services here: 

 Sara Fins says, “I do not have to spend hours putting together recipes and meal plans. I am at the beginning stages of launching my business and have 2 young children, so I don’t have much time to spend on ‘extras’. This meal plan program is probably saving me several hundreds of dollars in time and effort…for my vegan clients, I simply tell them how to substitute for animal proteins if that works for them.”
   Sara is the owner of Pondera Health Coaching
   D. Allison says, “I just revamped 1 week of your wonderful meal plan for my 1st client … I wanted to give her something of value this next week….. I see a real need for this type of support… Thank you!”  – 
    Karen says, ” I love your menus! They are fantastic!…they provide a great foundation for me, and you’ve done an amazing job organizing everything. The recipes look great too; there is such a variety. THANK YOU SO MUCH! These are just what I was looking for!” 


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  1. Hi Shannon,

    Yay! I’m so happy to have you join me and the over 300 Health Coaches who have purchased my templates. We are becoming our own little community!

    You are asking a great question! I do have each week saved separately. I offer these to my clients via a downloadable zip file. – Once you are done editing them, you just simply zip and send. For me, they get the entire set at once. Other coaches use an auto responder like in mail chimp for delivery.
    I suggest picking 4 to 6 weeks to start with, edit it and use that to be the start of your offering. Then choose a couple more weeks to edit at a time. Join the FB support group to get more ideas and tips from me and the other coaches. I sent this link to you via email.

  2. Hi Tammi finally pulled the trigger and purchased your meal plans ~ What’s the best way to approach changing and emailing out. Looks like I need to open every file separate. Is there a simple way of going about this.

  3. Joan,
    Thank you so much for your great comment!
    There are so many wonderful ways these are being used!
    Welcome to my Meal Plans!


  4. Looking at getting your 52 weeks of meal planning and recipes. Nice to hear that others are enjoying your plans.Does it include snacks since kids got to have them?

    Also, have you considered getting a phone app to sell your plans? Lindsey Widmore an IIN graduate is raising her prices big time Oct. 1

    Check out PCOS Diva app to see an example of what I am talking about. Amy just launched hers about 5 days ago and she had 2600 downloads. Her’s is free but you wouldn’t need to do free.

    The app costs $597 for a few more days with free, unlimited support and hosting for infinity.
    October 1, the price will be $1,200 and $40 a month once you’re live.
    Here’s a video of a few of the apps:
    Here’s Lindsey’s website

    Joan Zietlow, RN, BSN, CHHC, BMC, MBA

  5. Hi Sujita,

    Yes, you can use this as your own! As you put your logo on it and change it up a bit, then you can copy right it yourself – but you wouldn’t want to copy right something a lot of other health professionals already use. So… personalize away!

  6. Hi Tammi,
    I’m interested in your gluten free and dairy free recipes, can I market these as my own with own company logo and copyright.


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