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Tiny Houses, Home Building, and Balance

Following our hearts.

Two years ago this month, we left the home we spent 16 years building and settling. There, our house was literally built by my husband, myself, and my daughter. Almost every nail. When the house was finished, we put in a huge garden, a barn, a corral, a woodshop, and sheds for raising chicks. We planted trees, hundreds of them. We raised our oldest child. We raised and lost many fur babies. Our hearts were there, it was our home. 

I can already hear you! It sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? The problem? It was so far away that we were wasting hours of our lives every single day to commute. As my son has gotten older, his passion for taekwondo has grown, and this too added a new layer of driving. We decided we needed to better support him and move closer into his gym and my husbands work. So we did, and we spent the last two years regretting it. 

It’s been very hard to let go. 

But now, we have come full circle, our energy and inspiration has returned and we are ready to take on the next big adventure. It’s time for my husband to follow his passion of home building – doing so will require some sacrifice on our part as a family. We will sell our house and use our equity to build a home to sell, then do it again, and again. The goal is to have made enough on the home sales to build not only a home to sell, but a forever home too by the third time. In the meantime, we’ll be living in a camper. We are in the very beginning, so very little is perfectly clear – but we have a plan and our goal is clear. 

I promised you that I’d share this adventure with you. 

The foundations of this adventure are in the risk, trusting in ourselves, learning from past mistakes, and being courageous and patient. 

So this is where we are today. 

The housing market in Colorado is at an all time high. This means the cost of living and buying is just as high. It’s a great time to sell a house, but a difficult time to buy one. The lucky thing is that while homes follow this curve exactly, land doesn’t always follow suit in the same way. Though it is clear that the value of land is much higher than 20 years ago, we have found a few lots that we feel we can afford and get creative with. 

We’ve found a lot we are interested in. It’s about 15 minutes from our current residence, includes five acres, has a lovely view of a natural open space, is open space to the back and one side, and covenants aren’t terrible. The weird thing is that 80% of the property is natural open space and you cannot use it for anything. It cannot be fenced in, built on, rode on, grazed upon, or ANYTHING. Which is okay, when we come to think of it since it’s perfect for any sort of nature lover, or stressed out person ready to get out of town. There’s very little maintenance on a property like this but you still get a lovely view. Remember, this is not our forever home, but an investment.)

This lot has been on the market for a long time and has reduced price a few times. It’s listed price is higher than it’s usable and buildable worth so we are going to place what’s called a “low-ball” offer. We are conferring with our real estate agent on this for guidance and his experience with construction. 

These are the first steps. By the end of today, we will have a formal offer in place. If the owner of the land and we can come to terms, we’re on our way!

The best part about this is that it feels really good to be taking action, even with the fear that is tied into it. Just like anything we are both dealing with our inner critics and fear monger monsters. What if? Can we? Who are we? You know how it goes, right?

We learned a lot last time that we want to bring forward. 

#1 – it doesn’t always go the way you think it will.

#2 – don’t get attached, because until that contract closes, it’s not yours. 

#3 – even at the height, self-care will be necessary so that your body and mind can handle the transition. 

#4 – it takes time to build a house 

#5 – it’s okay to take your time

#6 – let go of expectation

#7 – put the difference in savings

#8 – be a minimalist

#9 – trust in ourselves and our relationship

We’ll be living in a camper, which will be bigger than a tiny house, so we are going to call it our castle camper. Taking this massive downsizing into mind, I’ll be getting rid of stuff between now and the end of this month. Anything we haven’t used in ages, have no need for, no longer find it appealing, doesn’t fit, or broke – I’ll never fix it will go away. 

This is going to be a grand adventure, we are all excited and a bit nervous, but we know we can do this. 

Here we go! I’ll follow with pictures soon!



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