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Could a Sugar Detox Help You?

The winds of change are blowing, bringing longer warmer days to Colorado. I am excited that spring is so close and am anxious for long summer walks and time at the park tossing a ball with my son. These are the days I know I’ll remember and cherish. I’m also looking forward to our personal changes this season which are well underway already. We’ve come to an agreement on a five-acre parcel which will work well for our intentions. It’s not far from our current residence and is in an area where we can see a great demand for homes right now. I promise photos once everything feels really solid. (UPDATE: POSTED BELOW!) Probably when we reach closing and own the land.

There are a lot of unknowns yet, a bit of scrambling to find all we need for the loan approval and a lot of brainstorming sessions to identify how best to use the land we’ve chosen. We have our eyes on a camper or two for our tiny house intention and hope to go peek at them this Friday. In the few days its been since we said “yes”, I am already needing a lot of deep breaths, having sleepless nights, and keep asking my angels to help me be patient with this process. There is much to be done, and I need to remember it’s just one step at a time! 

Also happening right now – I’m gearing up for my final 15 Day Sugar Detox this spring which begins on March 15th and I’m so excited for it! Every spring and fall I lead a sugar detox with a small group. This year, I get to offer FB live chats as well as more in-depth information as each year, I add another layer from what I learn from the industry and my clients. Every year the results are more profound and lasting. It’s really inspiring!

You see, sugar wreaks havoc on our body, is highly addictive, and is in almost everything that comes in a package. This makes taking on any sort of healing dietary change very challenging to sustain, leaving many people feeling like massive failures when it comes to diet and weight loss. 

Here are some scary tidbits on sugar that might make you think twice before you take a bite!

  • The newest suggested intake of total sugar (all sugars, both natural sweeteners and processed sweeteners) is – for normal weight men up to 24 grams (6 teaspoons) , for normal weight women up to 20 grams (5 teaspoons), and for kids 12 grams which is only 3 teaspoons. When was the last time you noted how many grams of sugar you were eating in a day? 
  • Anything above the suggested intake will certainly land itself around your belly unless you are burning it in exercise. 
  • Feeling thin and fit but still eating sugar? You are not exempt from the danger! While sugar may not show up in a ring around your gut, it is certainly causing a lot of other challenges in your body! Consumption of sugar is linked to: 
    • Chronic Inflammation
    • Obesity
    • Diabetes
    • Cancer
    • Fatty Liver
    • Acne
    • Migraines
    • Brain Fog
    • High Blood Pressure
    • Tooth Decay
  • The food industry adds sugar in some form to nearly everything, so it can be very sneaky! Watch for it in juices, coffees, flavored waters, alcohol, bread, cereals, pasta, snack and health bars, the obvious sweets, sauces, and dressings, and it might even be injected into meats. It’s important to read your labels!

This is why I lead my sugar detoxes, as it always seems to find a way in!

For this final spring 15 Day Sugar Detox, I’ll be joining you so we can enjoy this journey together!

Registration for my final spring 15 Day Sugar Detox is open until March 15th at midnight. To learn more and to register, CLICK HERE. Please join us! 

Resources & Additional reading – 

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