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Natural Weightloss, Opportunities, and Down Sizing

This month, I’m celebrating seven years as a successful Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

I can’t believe it’s been that long. I have enjoyed this career so incredibly much and all of the impact it’s had both on my professional and personal life. Life sure looks different from this angle. Entrepreneurship isn’t all warm fuzzies, but it’s worth every single challenge and discomfort. It’s not just entrepreneurship though either. Being a coach isn’t all warm fuzzies. It’s sticking to what you know is right, even when it’s really uncomfortable. It’s also working hard to maintaining the balance of your life while you support so many others. 

A couple of years ago, I lost my balance, while my family and I went through some large life changes. I began to make choices for ease and convenience rather than for sustainability or health. I paid for it. Dearly. I got sick again, feeling my stomach tie up in knots, needing to cancel appointments because of migraines at least once a week, feeling the deep ache in my joints that I felt in my mid 30’s, and, I gained a lot of weight. 

I was really, really struggling, both emotionally and physically to pull back the strings that I had let go of. Nine months ago, things began to come back together, but it took some time.

Natural healing takes time. Our body, mind, and spirit can heal by themselves if they are given the right tools. Whole foods, movement, trust in your body, stress reduction techniques, sunshine, loving relationships, hobbies, accountability, and a career I love are all a large part of my self-care plan. Leave one behind and it all begins to fall apart. 

I have all my pieces back in place, and slowly but sweetly, my body is healing again. The inches are falling off, my energy is skyrocketing, my mind is clear, I’m creating, teaching, reaching out, and I feel sweetly fulfilled in most areas of my life. 

As I am always taking to my clients my personal lessons, this has been a big one for me and I’m so happy to share it with you. Trust in your body, give it the tools it needs. 

Here are some of the actions I took in order to release inches and feel good again:

  • Food first – This is always where I start my clients, and it’s where I chose to act first. I began by upgrading all of my choices. I could still have pizza if I would eat gluten free, organic, free range, and add lots of veggies. 
  • Sunshine – Get in it when it’s shining for at least 15 minutes every day without protection. Yep. I just said that. Simply because a supplement is not capable of doing what the best and most natural source can. 
  • Create – Write, color, journal, paint, build, decorate, procreate – whatever getting creative is for you – do it. 
  • Move – This was one of my last focuses. I love to walk, but my walking drops off drastically in the winter months because I have an aversion to the cold. A dear friend of mine challenged me to set exercise as a new habit and promised she’d hold me accountable. It’s working – I’ve been committed and successful at working out for an hour 6 days a week since the first week in January! (yay me!)
  • Focus on water – In the summer, water is easy for me, but winter months I crave the warmth and bitterness of coffee. My first step was to cut back on coffee consumption with Teecino. Next, I switched to other herbal teas, and now I’m back to drinking a warm cup of water plain or with lemon. 
  • Create routine where you can – I have a highly fluctuating schedule. From scheduling in clients, to student mentoring for IIN, to running my son to taekwondo, to homeschooling, to his guitar lessons, to managing all the house duties, a routine can be really challenging. Find the times that work best for you. I journal, read, and chill every morning as I make a plan for my day. I meal plan weekly. I work out in the evenings. I set timers, write in my planner, and check off as I go. It’s all part of my accountability plan and it works! 

With a clear mind and strong body, I am inspired to take greater action. As I make better choices for me, I’m cooking more often and choosing better with my family as well. Everyone benefits when Mom is doing good for herself. 

As these changes have been clicking into their natural places in my life, my husband and I have been inspired in so many ways. (It’s the gift of the clear mind when you eat to support your body!) Along with all of our inspired ideas, we’ve decided it’s time to follow our biggest dream. It’s a doozy and involves moving (AGAIN.) but this time to where we’ve always wanted to be. In order to do this, we have to downsize drastically, declutter like the dickens, and alter our lifestyle dramatically. Have you heard of the tiny houses? It’s pretty much what we’ll be doing for a period of time, while we begin my husband’s career as a home builder. It’s his dream and… it’s his turn. 

Sounds exciting doesn’t it? A really grand adventure? The answer to this is a resounding YES! 

AND I’ll blog about it as we go. 

The first step is to say yes. We meet with real estate agents on Thursday. We will have to set a date to list the house, which right now we are projecting will be the end of April. That gives us two months to get rid of nearly everything except what we want to plant in our forever home when it’s done. It may be a couple of a years before that happens, so right now, if it doesn’t fit into the tiny house, it’s got to go. 

If we say yes on Thursday – the adventure begins immediately! Wish me luck and keep checking back for all sorts of humor and insight into this transition. 


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