Mirrored Expressions is the product creation of my hubby’s and mine – a result of early morning brainstorms about ways to be creative and combine that with healing processes. This product line is the child of nearly a decade of coaching people through change, in health, in life, in career. 

The first kit I was inspired to create was the I AM kit and then our line quickly diversified as we became inspired to do so. 

We are constantly developing and designing new ideas around this product line and cross the lines between a product that encourages loving communication in relationships and personal development. 

Watch for continuous releases as we diversify our designs, as we celebrate partnerships with amazing creatives and manufacturers! 

Mirrored Expressions is made in the U.S.A. and is available for purchase through our direct website at www.mirroredexpressions.com, Amazon HERE, Walmart(dot)com and other fine retailers. 

All you need to start your practice today!
All you need to start your practice today!